Do you have to try to repair a fogged up window?


We’ve all been there before: you wake up on a cold morning to find your windows a little foggy. It seems pretty normal, but when you wipe away the fog, not everything clears. That’s when you realize you have fogged up windows.

foggy window

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If you have fogged up windows, you can either repair them or replace them. However, with the cost of replacing windows ranging from approximately $200 to $1,800, the latter may not be such a viable option. So should you try to fix fogged up windows or replace your windows and fix the problem once and for all?

If this describes your dilemma, we’re here to help. Today we’re going to help you decide if you need to repair or replace your fogged up windows.

The initial inspection

An initial inspection is necessary before deciding what to do with your fogged up windows. This initial inspection consists of three parts, viz.

  • Check if there is a significant temperature difference between indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Check if your house is surrounded by plants and vegetables
  • Check if your double-glazed windows have broken seals

The last point explains the root of your windows fogging. When the window seal breaks, moisture collects between the panes, resulting in a foggy appearance. Wiping the exterior glass will do no good as the moisture is trapped between the panes.

I have fogged up windows, what next?

Once you have determined the cause of your fogged windows, the next step is to get rid of the fog. If condensation was the problem, you would just wipe the moisture away, but that’s not all. The problem is the broken seal that you will need to deal with.

There are several ways to try to fix your fogged up windows. Here are a few.

Replace IGU unit: This involves replacing the window gasket responsible for insulating the windows. Alternatively, you can replace the second pane of the fogged window. Replacing the IGU unit is a tough job, and most people prefer to replace the whole window.

Use defogger spray: Defogger spray will help keep fog away from your windows, but it’s not a permanent fix. These sprays apply a layer of surfactant to the surface of your window. This changes the degree of wetting, so that moisture does not form on the windows.

Window repair vs replacement

If you have a broken window seal, you will have to choose between repairing or replacing the window. Replacing your window is the best alternative, but not always. If you’re short on cash, you can repair your windows and get clear windows without damaging your bank account.

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Simplified repair of fogged windows

Don’t be too quick to undo the fogged up window repair instead of replacing your fogged up windows. In fact, if you’ve learned considerable DIY skills, you might as well repair windows on your own. Otherwise, it is better to hire the pros to do it for you.

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