Indicators and Signs of Melancholy in Males – ActiveBeat


Reckless behavior

While some may view drug addiction as reckless (it’s actually a chronic condition), there are other behaviors that fit neatly into the « reckless » category – and they occur more often in depressed men than in men. women, according to Men’s Health.

He notes that when men cannot adequately express their feelings of depression, they may express it in ways that can put themselves and others at risk. This can take the form of speeding in a car or fighting.

Difficulty coping with responsibilities

When you are feeling well (and not depressed), you may sometimes take for granted the ability to handle routine responsibilities such as grocery shopping, caring for family members, or respecting ( or even exceed) the obligations at work.

However, when you’re depressed, especially if you’re male, it can all go down the drain, says the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The source explains that not being able to handle responsibilities related to work and family (or other important things) can be a sign of depression in men.

Unexplained weight changes

Men’s Health indicates that men with depression can sometimes lose weight unexpectedly (and there may be an accompanying loss of appetite). While some people may welcome it, it’s not a good sign for losing weight when you’re not trying to. This can be the result of depression, but also of other causes such as thyroid problems or Crohn’s disease.

While weight loss can occur in depressed patients, weight gain can also be a symptom. « If you’re too depressed to hit the gym or think carefully about what you eat, you might start gaining weight quite quickly, » the source notes. Up to a quarter of people taking certain antidepressants may gain 10 pounds or more.

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