Indicators and Signs of Despair in Males


Avoidance and “escape”

The Mayo Clinic says there are other signs that « could be » signs of depression, but aren’t officially recognized as such. One of them is “escape” behavior, such as filling your schedule with work or recreational activities.

This ties in with what Healthline says on the subject, noting that “emotional withdrawal from friends, family, and co-workers” is something to watch out for in men. WebMD complements this by noting that men are more likely to be withdrawn than women with depression.


If you have trouble falling asleep and have trouble going a day without a nap, these could be signs of depression. « Sleep disturbances are one of the earliest and most common hallmarks of depression, » notes Men’s Health.

The source cites a review which suggests that up to 75% of depressed patients suffer from insomnia. You can also wake up during the night or before your alarm goes off in the morning. It could be due to the « millions of terrible thoughts going through your mind » that keep your brain active when it should be at rest, the source explains.

When to consult a doctor

As stated earlier, many men with depression are reluctant to see a doctor for their depressed mood, which can lead to addiction or worse. « Generally, men are socialized by society to contain their emotions, although we know that’s not healthy, » says Healthline. Many men are unfamiliar with the specific symptoms of depression, so they are ignored.

Recognizing the signs and having a conversation with a professional is important because death rates are three to four times higher in men with depression than in women with the same condition, he notes. . There are several treatment options available, and not all of them involve medication. For example, psychotherapy (talking therapy) can be helpful with or without prescription medication, the source explains. Ultimately, if you or a loved one is showing signs of depression, talk to a medical professional.

Jeff Hayward

Jeff Hayward

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