Simone Biles revealed how ‘the Twisties’ nonetheless have an effect on her gymnastics efficiency


Simone Biles’ terrifying experience at the Tokyo Olympics this summer continues to impact the way she practices gymnastics to this day. Biles revealed in a new interview that she was « always afraid » to make certain moves, but also felt strong and proud of herself for getting out of it.

On the Today this week, Biles shared that she always has « twists » when she plays. The phenomenon, sometimes triggered by stress, occurs when an athlete’s mind and body disconnect in the air, resulting in potentially dangerous loss of muscle and spatial memory.This danger has forced her to withdraw from several Olympic events earlier this year – and that’s what keeps him from making moves that require twisting in the air on the Gold Over America Tour it is currently on.

“I’m not twisting,” Biles said of his performances on the Gold Over America tour. “I do double half layouts which is my signature move on the floor, but it never affected me,” Biles explained. “Everything else— it weighs so much. And I watch the girls do it. It’s just not the same.” Biles added, “I’m always afraid to do gymnastics.”

Biles also spoke about how frustrating it is to “do something that I’ve been doing forever and not being able to do it because of everything I’ve been through,” given his love of the sport. “It’s hard,” she said, crying. « I don’t think people understand the magnitude of what I’m going through. But for so many years of going through everything I’ve been through and putting forth, I’m proud of myself. »

In the interview, the four-time Olympic champion also revisited what happened in Tokyo, connecting her long-standing crackdown on being sexually assaulted by former US gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar with the twisties. “Over the years, after removing so many emotions and putting up a façade on the world stage, I think it all really came to light,” Biles said. “My body and my mind allowed me to put it all aside for so many years as long as it could take. And as soon as we stepped onto the Olympics stage, he just decided he couldn’t do it anymore, and he broke down.  »

Thinking back to that moment when she realized she wouldn’t be able to play, Biles said she at first almost blamed herself for the anxiety and mind-body disconnection that she felt. “But I knew I couldn’t blame myself,” she said. « And once that happened, all the pieces were put together and I knew exactly what was going on, why it was happening. »

Biles believes his experience shows the importance of dealing with mental health issues head-on. “That’s why it’s so important to take care of your mental well-being and your mental health, so that something like this doesn’t happen,” Biles said. « I’m thankful it wasn’t someone else, and it was me because I know I’m strong enough and I can get back on my feet and I’m going to be okay with the right help. « , she continued.

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