Sophia Loren claims that it’s doable to be stunning and sensual at 81 and divulges the secrets and techniques of her everlasting magnificence!


Staying young and beautiful for as long as possible is something that worries a lot of women around the world. Except that attenuating the effect of years on physical appearance does not depend only on bodily factors, this is in any case what we learn from this famous Italian actress who has managed to preserve her beauty despite age.

Eh yes ! It is indeed the inescapable Hollywood star Sophia Loren, who never ceases to amaze everyone with her charisma, beauty and elegance. And this, from the top of his 81 years!

Despite the fact that for most people this age is synonymous with tumbling down in terms of seduction, the Italian actress was able to clearly demonstrate the opposite by establishing herself as a symbol of feminine charm. And what is all the more fascinating is that she was able to preserve this way of being for more than six decades, yet she claims that she did not expect to blow out her 80th candle at all, she also says she is delighted to have aged so well.

An emblem of eternal beauty

As incredible as it may seem, the senior actress has managed to maintain a body with graceful curves just as attractive as that of a young woman. And although she has somewhat distanced herself from the film industry in recent years, she is nonetheless a source of inspiration for many.

Among the most interesting things to note about Sophia Loren is to see how very pleasantly she lives old age and does not see it as a constraint like so many other women in Hollywood. or elsewhere. This kind of worry therefore has no place in his life at all.

The influence of the Italian star continues to be confirmed over the years and this trend continues with the launch of the new lipstick. Dolce & Gabbana and which rightly bears his name, namely, Sophia Loren N ° 1. A dedication that illustrates how many still see in her the embodiment of unalterable feminine charm.

A success that nevertheless raises some questions

You too must be wondering what makes Sophia Loren different from other women her age, or even those who are younger. Since unlike the latter, she does not entrust the preservation of her beauty to lotions, creams, products or other rejuvenation methods that many women are interested in these days. So what is his secret?

Sophia has heard this question more than once before, so her answer was quite impressive. Indeed, she says that to overcome the passage of the years, it was enough to take the reins of your mind and focus only on your creativity and talent. However, despite the fact that old age had never been a source of worry for her, the fact remains that this question still gave her a feeling of insecurity which was almost permanent, especially in this regard. which concerns his career.

It all happens in the head

She actually always knew how to face her fears in the best possible way, she always dared to surpass herself by launching each time in new projects which fascinated her and where she could give herself 100%. She explains, moreover, that “aging can be pleasant, even fun, if you find a way to occupy your time well, if you feel satisfaction with what you have achieved and if you continue despite everything to dream ”.

In addition to having a hundred films to her credit and a career of more than 60 years, Sophia Loren will have succeeded in everything that could have earned her to be considered the « sexiest woman in the world », she therefore remains an icon of feminine sensuality and should serve as an example to many other women whether for beauty or success.

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