Phases of Alzheimer’s illness


Moderate decline says that at this stage the disease will not be easy to hide and there will be « clear » symptoms. This is when cognitive decline – that is, problem solving and even performing routine tasks – will be noticeably affected.

The source explains that in Stage 4, a patient may have trouble with simple math problems or forget details from their past. They may also show more decline in short-term memory (for example, not being able to remember what they ate for breakfast) or have difficulty meeting their bills due to the ‘forgetfulness, he adds.

Moderately severe decline

WebMD said that this step could mean that the patient could start to forget details such as where he is and what time it is. They can also lose key information from their memory bank, such as their home address and phone number.

Due to an impact on a patient’s perception of time, they may also begin to wear clothing that is inappropriate for the season, the source adds. As a caregiver, you can help by putting on clothes for the patient each morning, so that they can maintain a “sense of independence”. It’s important to try to be patient at this point because the patient may ask the same question multiple times, explains WebMD.

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