Take the Problem For 2022: 52 Weeks in Financial savings.


It might be nice to cover all the expenses for the month of December, right?

I launched this challenge last year, which allowed me to have a nice amount of money set aside for the holidays.

And after doing all my end-of-year shopping, I still had € 700 in my pocket! Look :

How to do

The challenge is quite simple and easy to understand. Here is the principle:

Every week of the year, you set aside a small amount of money:

Week 1 : you put € 1 next to.

Week 2 : you put € 2 next to.

Week 3 : you put € 3 next to.

– And so on, every week of the year.

It’s easy to save money every week, right?


And There you go ! From the first week of April, you have already saved 105 €not bad is not it ? 🙂

Continue in the same way until the end of the year so that next December you have the money for the gifts and the holiday feast!

It can also be used for a trip, a wedding, a car … It’s up to you to see what you want to save for!

The best is to use a large transparent jar, like this one and stick the calendar on it.

Like that, each week that passes you will see the money accumulate and it will motivate you 🙂

For each payment, remember to cross out the corresponding week or check the box.

Click here to print this challenge table in PDF.

Table to print in PDF to meet the 52-week savings challenge

Models for the year 2022

So, are you ready? You too, take up this challenge with me for 2022!

You’ll see, it’s fun and motivating! Especially when you have the 1378 € in your pocket.

And how about getting the kids to play too?

For example, you can make them save 50 cents every week.

And even if you put a few yellow coins aside, the sum on arrival will be astounding: € 689.

This 52-week challenge is a great way to build up a small savings!

Print the models below now and stick them on a jar for the challenge.

Table to save 1378 euros in 1 year

Click here to print the above template in PDF for your bullet journal.

Model to save 1 €

Table 2021 to meet the 52-week savings challenge

Click here or on the image to easily print it in PDF.

You can also see the 52 Weeks Savings Challenge table based on € 1 of 2020, 2019 and 2018 here.

Template to save 50 cents

Table 2021 to save 50 cents per week and meet the challenge

Click here or on the image to easily print it in PDF.

You can also see the 52 Weeks Savings Challenge board. 2020, 2019 and of 2018 here.

Additional advice

– Schedule yourself a weekly reminder in your diary so you don’t forget to put euros aside every week.

– And don’t worry if you’re a week or two late in this challenge. You can start directly in the third week.

– If the 52 week challenge is too difficult at the end, I recommend the same challenge but reversed. You can find it here.

– If you prefer the document in Excel format, we also have what you need! Click here to download and play with it on Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Take the Challenge For 2021: 52 Weeks of Savings.

Your turn…

Have you tried the challenge with these savings tables to put money aside? Let us know in the comments if you managed to hold it to the end. We can’t wait to read your review!

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