Take These Way of life Ideas For Atrial Fibrillation To Coronary heart


2. Do appropriate exercises

Healthline.com has a practical Guide what exercises to try if you have AFib, as there are good and bad activities for the condition. We’ll focus on the right first: The source notes that brisk walking, hiking, and jogging are safe, and lifting light weights « can help you build muscle tone and strength without overloading your muscles. » or tire your heart ”. Start with five or 10 minute workouts and work your way up.

Keep in mind that you need to be well hydrated and stretch before starting these exercises. In the meantime, you should avoid any high-impact activity, as well as those with a higher risk of injury like skiing and mountain biking (if you are taking blood thinners), the source explains. See a doctor if you want to lift heavier weights, he adds.

3. Reduce

Lifescript.com Explain that there is a good chance that you are overweight or have high blood pressure if you also have AFib. « If you’re overweight or obese when diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, your plan to reduce your risk of stroke begins with weight loss, » the article notes.

Fortunately, the article also lists 13 ways to safely lose weight to reduce the risk of stroke. However, don’t start losing weight arbitrarily – talk to your doctor first to determine an ideal target weight, he adds. Hiring a dietician is also a good plan, he adds. Of course, the exercises we’ve already covered won’t hurt either.

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