Instructor harshly criticized for writing completely pathetic about controlling a 7-year-old


Being a teacher is not an easy job, it is a passion and it also means dealing with a lack of resources and very different students who need to be helped as best as possible in any case. A good teacher must support his students, help them and allow them to learn and each to their own style.

Destructive criticism doesn’t help anyone and can completely undermine a person’s self-confidence. You can assume that someone who works with young children would know this, but unfortunately that was not the case with this particular teacher …

A post from a father confronting his son’s teacher over a math test has gone viral.

Some time ago Kamdyn Piland picked up her math test with the words « absolutely pathetic ».

He showed his dad the test, where it was also written that he only answered 13 questions in 3 minutes, followed by a sad face drawn.

Father Chris complained to the teacher and asked him how these cynical comments had helped his child, to which he said the teacher replied: « I’m sorry you felt like this. »

The teacher didn’t take him seriously and Chris shared his story on Facebook. He thought it was incomprehensible and scandalous for someone to write something like this about controlling a child.

Kamdyn told Fox56 News: « It made me very sad and upset. I was really angry. And (it was) really nasty to do that. »

Chris’s post went viral and many people responded. A petition has been created calling for the teacher’s resignation, with over 20,000 signatures.

Another petition was created acknowledging that the teacher was wrong, but that this should not lead to his dismissal. The latest petition has just over 1,000 signatures.

Chris said he wasn’t sure how the school handled the situation, but his son had now changed classes.

« Maybe this will now be taken seriously and prevent this from happening to other teachers and other students, » he said, according to Fox56 News.

Do you think a teacher has the right to write comments like this on a 7 year test? What is certain, and what the current drama teaches us, is that we must talk about it, communicate, without calling for extremes.

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