Teen Takes Handicapped Woman To Promenade: No one Invited Her


Teen Takes Handicapped Girl To Prom: Nobody Invited Her

03.07.2023 13:45

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A young teenager has melted the hearts of Internet users by inviting a handicapped girl to the prom. While the rider of the young high school girl had just canceled her appointment, Carson Preece took the lead to offer her THE evening of her dreams! Light on this generous action witnessed by the boy’s mother on Facebook.

The prom marks an important stage in the school career of young high school students. It’s a special event for all American teenagers who have only one desire: to find the perfect outfit and partner for the evening. For 16-year-old Isabelle Knowlton, this special occasion was not going to go as planned…

Izzie’s mother issues appeal on Facebook

Certainly, the last year of high school marks the transition to adulthood and the beginning of the university course. But for most high school girls, this is the year they get that famous prom invitation.

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Unfortunately, this event does not always live up to their expectations… To remedy this, Syndi, Isabelle’s mother, decided to get her an appointment at the last minute. She then writes a message on Facebook to find him a young man who would like to accompany him that day to the prom. Once posted, the girl’s mother was overwhelmed by the instant reactions from netizens. Yes, the girl would have had six suitors for the evening!

« He said mom, I’ll do it! »

In the end, the young woman chose the young Carson Preece to accompany her daughter to the prom. Very moved, the mother of the young boy expressed himself on this subject via a publication on Facebook: “THIS BOY! A few weeks ago I was in tears. Carson came in and asked me what was wrong. I read her a post on Facebook about the mother of a disabled 16-year-old girl. This one was looking for a date so that her daughter could go to her school’s prom. He said, « Mom, I’ll do it! ». These were the words of the young boy determined to save the day and do his best to make the girl feel special that day. He arranged to meet the girl the day before the event to help decorate her room.

“SO TENDER, that boy!”

Izzie was a young girl in a wheelchair, on a feeding tube, and mostly non-verbal. But that did not prevent him from spending an unforgettable moment in the company of the young Carson. “The girl’s eyes lit up as soon as she met her. And him too!”, described the mother of the young teenager. And that’s not all: Izzie would have even been crowned a duchess that day. “After the party, he sat in her room for over an hour and watched cartoons with her! SO TENDER, that boy!”. The proud mum concluded: “Just a story about a boy I’m lucky enough to call son! He makes me want to be better, to do better!”

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Kindness is a form of social awareness

Being kind shouldn’t take a lot of effort. Sometimes, simple gestures produce very positive effects in the other. This is intrinsically linked to the concept of social awareness, as described by the psychologist Clara Isabell Slawik. It is a form of kindness that considers the needs and feelings of others before making a decision.

And that day, Carson undoubtedly made the right choice to give a smile to a person who badly needed it! We all know how devastating some disappointments can be for young teens.

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