The 11 Finest Intercourse Positions to Get You Nearer to Your Associate


Meanwhile, White notes that it’s a position that can really center the pleasure for people with vaginas. Not only does it have the potential to stimulate the G-spot, but it allows you to have more control over speed, movement, and rhythm. « This position is also great for exploring other erogenous zones, including the neck and breasts, to increase pleasure, » adds White.

4. Sideways

Here we have the face-to-face version of the spoon – so you get the physical closeness and the added benefit of being able to look each other in the eye that the spoon lacks. Along with touch and eye contact, experts agree that this is one of the best sex positions for closeness.

If you’re looking to improve this position to help you climax, White recommends straddling each other’s legs. Being tightly bonded like this will help you feel even more connected and allow you to experience each other’s sexual release in a truly intimate, almost interconnected way.

5. Overlap

The straddle is a sexual position where one partner sits with their legs straight, and the other faces them and sits on top of them, wrapping their legs around their hips. The person on top can also straddle their partner in a squat position to allow for more controlled movement, White says. You will both benefit from the eye contact, as well as the myriad kissing opportunities that this position presents.

« The position also allows partners to go chest to chest and really lean into each other, creating a closer connection, literally, » White explains. « This closeness allows you to blend into your partner and feel your bodies moving as one and coming into rhythm. » For penis-vagina sex in particular, this position also emphasizes pleasure for the person with the vagina (they must be on top) as they are able to take control and guide their partner to increase the pleasure.

6. Flatiron (modified dog)

Most people don’t immediately think of romance when they think of doggy style — it’s usually more associated with satisfying that depressed desire — but trust us when we say it can be totally intimate. A simple variation of this popular sex position is enough to make you feel closer and more connected to your partner.

Start by lying flat on your stomach. (So ​​nix the probably not-Great-romantic doggy style setup.) Next, have your partner position themselves between your legs to enter from behind, whether using their hand, strap-on or sex toy, penis, etc.

“Doggy style positions generally feel less personal and intimate, but flatiron/modified doggie is a bit of an exception as there is a lot of skin-to-skin contact and the opportunity for the partner on top to kiss the back and neck from the bottom partner,” White says. « Again, doing it in front of a mirror can make it even warmer and more intimate. »


An improved version of the straddle, the lotus has one partner seated cross-legged while the other sits on top, wrapping their legs around. « It’s a great way to bring couples together, as it’s a classic tantric position for meditation and pleasure, » says White. « With both partners facing each other, this romantic position is a great way for intimate eye contact. » It hits all the right places, in all sorts of ways.

8. Butterfly

For penis-vagina sex, White recommends the Kama Sutra sex position known as butterfly. It forces the receiving partner to lie face up with their buttocks on the edge of the bed while the other leans against them. « It’s a passionate position that involves the vulva owner’s legs resting against the front of the penis owner’s body, » White explains. « Although it requires core strength, this position makes it easier to access and stimulate the G-spot. »

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