The 15 Finest Sleep Masks 2022: Brooklinen, Slip Silk, Lunya, and Extra


Being able to control the amount of light that shines on your eyes at night is crucial, and the best sleep mask can prove to be an effective way to ensure a good night’s rest. Scary Sunday or not, falling asleep can be a daunting task that no amount of sheep counting will do. Of course, many people have different methods of catching certain z’s, whether it’s reading a book or swapping your pillowcase, small tweaks to your nightly routine can make all the difference in your habits. typical sleep patterns. For many people, buying a sleep mask is seen largely as an unnecessary luxury item that adds little value to better sleep, but having some light and noise control during your sleeping routine going to bed goes hand in hand with the quality of your sleep.

Until now, you might think that sleep masks were only for those who travel. While eye masks and earplugs are smart sleep products to use on a plane, having the sleep mask next to your bed is just as beneficial. Something as simple as your bedroom not being dark enough can prevent you from experiencing restful sleep. Luckily, this can be a quick fix with adjustable, light-blocking sleep masks.

How do sleep masks work?

You might be wondering what the difference is between sleep prop and just closing your eyes. Well, according to clinical psychologist Dr. Joshua Tal, the way sleep masks block light differs significantly from simply closing the eyelids. « The eyelids block most of the light from being perceived by the retina, however, bright lights can still pass through, » Dr. Tal tells SELF. He adds that « sleep masks work by providing a barrier between your eyes and light sources. » Ok, but how exactly help you sleep better? « Light is a common source of stimulation for the brain, » says Dr. Tal. « When our circadian rhythm senses light, it stimulates the brain to release wake-promoting hormones to help us function and stay awake during the day. »

The problem, he explains, occurs because many people’s sleep patterns don’t match the usual cycles of day and night. “Some people wake up after sunrise, some places have very long daytime and nighttime hours depending on their geography and the position of the sun, and some people have bed partners who like to read at night before bed. “, he shares. « In all of these situations, a sleep mask can help someone sleep, regardless of how much light there is outside. »

How to find the right sleep mask for you

It may seem logical, but finding a comfortable option that fits you securely but not cramped is essential. With so many choices readily available, from weight to floss to heating, the options can seem overwhelming. “You want to look at the makeup of the mask, making sure the materials are comfortable and not too heavy,” Dr. Tal tells SELF. He considers those that are breathable and made of soft materials to work best.

« Second, you want to make sure the mask doesn’t fall flat on the eyes and the bands around the head feel comfortable, » he adds. It may take a bit of trial and error to find the right one for you and your needs. Below, we’ve listed the best-selling sleep masks and detailed their features to help you on your buying journey from brands like Slip, Tempur-Pedic, Brooklinen, Lunya, Manta, Amazon, and more. Here’s to getting a good night’s sleep without the fuss!

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