The 21-year-old spent nine months pregnant without knowing it


For the 21-year-old, her being pregnant went unnoticed as she stored her interval and her stomach utterly flat for the 9 months.

She says she by no means imagined being pregnant, that she was afraid to know she was a mom, with out having ready emotionally and bodily beforehand.

That is what occurred to Charlotte Thomson, a younger lady who had this large shock. This all occurred to her within the hospital emergency division, when she stated she by no means had any signs of being pregnant, so she did not discover something for 9 months.

Though it seems prefer it got here out of a film, these instances are fairly frequent in wholesome women. It additionally occurred to Charlotte that, throughout her being pregnant, the child was lodged on the stage of her ribs, in order that this went unnoticed and that she didn’t have a bulging stomach.

However, all this got here to gentle in December 2015. Round 2:30 am, the younger lady awakened as a result of she felt horrible cramps and abdomen pains which prevented her from sleeping.

She instantly thought it was one thing she had eaten and took a painkiller to attempt to relax and return to sleep. However, to her shock, the ache by no means eased and, quite the opposite, it obtained even worse and the alarm bells went off when she had bleeding in her underwear.

By then, her interval was over and the choice of premenstrual discomfort was utterly dominated out. So she took a taxi and instantly went to the hospital.

When she arrived on the hospital, she was shocked as medical doctors instructed her they wanted a midwife and wanted an stomach ultrasound. After medical doctors look at her and ensure the being pregnant, it solely takes Charlotte an hour to provide beginning to her child lady, whom she named Molly.

She was shocked by all the things that occurred, however stated she liked her from the primary second she noticed her. When her mother and father came upon she was within the hospital, they rushed out as a result of they thought their daughter had miscarried.

At present, Charlotte works in a preschool and might preserve her daughter near her always.

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