The 5 finest forms of tea for efficient weight reduction


Herbal teas are very popular for weight loss, especially because they would accelerate the metabolism. Certain infusions in particular have draining properties to combat water retention and cellulite. However, tea is even more recognized for its effects on weight loss. It is very often associated with a diet to lose weight or even as part of a simple food rebalancing to replace sugary and caloric drinks (fruit juice, sodas, Frappuccinos, etc.). It should also be remembered that its catechins also affect the metabolism and stimulate the breakdown of fats, and therefore also help to burn calories for better weight loss. However, not all teas are created equal, so check out five types of tea scientifically validated for effective weight loss.

You will see that they each have different properties. Also, it allows you to vary your hot drinks with pleasure or to opt for the one that best meets our needs. Remember, however, that tea alone cannot make you lose weight by magic. Also, it should be combined with a healthy and varied diet as well as the practice of a physical activity.

1) Green tea for weight loss

Green tea is also the most common and well-known tea. Its great notoriety does not make it less effective than the others, however! A study of 1,200 participants (men and women) had notably studied the effects of consuming two cups of green tea per day for more than ten years. This work had made it possible to demonstrate that these people had a much lower body fat percentage than among non-regular consumers.

green tea
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Studies have also shown that green tea helps with burning no less than 80 calories per day. As beneficial for health as it is for the line, it still has a bright future ahead of it!

2) black tea

Black tea has the particularity of being stronger than the others, which gives it a powerful effect against weight gain. A study on its consumption found that drinking three cups of powdered black tea per day allowed participants to minimize weight gain, but also to refine the waistline after only three months.

3) White tea, also effective for weight loss

Less known than its two friends, white tea has the particularity of being less transformed than the others. This allows it to retain a maximum of antioxidants as well as compounds to burn fat. This is why it fully deserves to be included in this top 5 types of tea for weight loss!

4) hibiscus tea

hibiscus tea
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Hibiscus tea seduces with its beautiful intense color and tangy taste. However, it still has more to offer. Indeed, it allows, among other things, to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. We also lend him digestive and depurative properties to help cleanse the kidneys. This tea therefore both improves intestinal comfort and eliminates excess water that makes us swell. Also, if it does not help to lose weight strictly speaking, it is especially very useful for maintaining a healthy weight on the scale.

5) Ooolong tea

Very appreciated for its flavor stronger than that of green tea, but milder than that of black tea, Oolong tea has known over the years to seduce tea lovers with the finest palate. However, it could also appeal to people looking to shed extra pounds. Indeed, it allowsincrease fat burning, which therefore ideally accompanies weight loss.

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