The 5 pillars of a wholesome physique!


To be in shape, to feel this permanent well-being, this harmony of body and mind, it is cultivated. So what are the golden rules for getting and staying in shape? Discover the reflexes to have throughout the year to be in shape and above all to stay so!

1st pillar: Cleanse your body

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Cleansing our body is essential, because every day we are exposed to a large number of toxins. Our body naturally knows how to eliminate waste and neutralize toxins, but faced with too much accumulation due to stress, fatigue, excess food or pollution, it is overwhelmed and can no longer perform its functions properly. Direct consequences on your general condition are felt.
Do not neglect our body! A real detoxification is essential to help it find a better balance and thus all its effectiveness.
Among the natural detoxifying active ingredients that can help you: the essential chlorellaan algae with particularly antioxidant and detoxifying properties.
I’Klamath seaweed known as one of the most complete foods on the planet due to its composition of more than 115 nutrients (14 vitamins, 60 minerals, proteins and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids), is widely acclaimed in the United States for its potency purifying and detoxifying. Choose organic klamath seaweed, for a guarantee without pesticides or other chemical products.
The chicory provides a high content of inulin, a fiber that promotes digestion and whose prebiotic action contributes to colon detoxification. Chicory can be combined with birch sap to act synergistically on the body’s overall detoxification system: cleansing the liver and the intestinal tract.
In order to have a more visible result on your figure, it is advisable to combine your detox with the use of plants with a draining action such as karkadé, green tea, mate…
the karkadealso called hibiscus, has been used for millennia in ancient Egypt to make beverages thought to be beneficial to health and beauty. Since the properties of this plant have been officially recognized to facilitate the elimination functions of the body, to be useful for the drainage of the body and to contribute to the proper functioning of the urinary tract. Organic karkade is easily found in the form of food supplements, often associated with organic mate.
The natural draining plants will promote the renal elimination of water for a visible result on your silhouette.
Also think about the organic Ceylon cinnamon for a reinforcement of your digestive functions.

2nd pillar: Be positive

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Our thoughts are directly related to events that occur in our daily lives. Our brain allows us to generate emotions from our thoughts. Every emotion, pleasant or unpleasant, alters the balance of our hormonal system. Positive emotions therefore stimulate the secretion of our happiness hormones. So let’s not be victims of our negative thoughts! Being positive is good for your health. But how do you cultivate positive health on a daily basis?
Every day nourish yourself with positive or inspirational quotes.
Try the media diet by logging out of media apps that often deliver bad news.
Surround yourself with caring and happy people. You will see, it is contagious!
Finally, put things into perspective by practicing every day to see the bright side of things and to be kind to yourself.
If, despite everything, at certain times in your life, you find it difficult to keep a positive mood, not to succumb to stress or anxiety, natural active ingredients (plants, spices, etc.) can help you.
The association saffron and St. John’s wort is a winning association to naturally regain a positive mood!
These two natural active ingredients act in synergy to regulate the levels of certain neurotransmitters: serotonin and dopamine. These 2 messengers are essential for good neuronal communication and fundamental for the proper functioning of the central and peripheral nervous system.
Saffron in capsules can be found in a version certified Organic Agriculture.
Among the natural active ingredients that have a relaxing function, we can also mention the california poppy that promotes optimal relaxation or lemon balm which contributes to a calm and effective rest.
I’sweet orangefamous fruit and especially used for its richness in vitamin C, is also effective in the management of stress and anxiety.
In herbal medicine, you can find this active under the name citrus sinensis capsules.

3rd pillar: Take care of your sleep

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Just like a healthy diet and regular physical activity, good sleep is essential. Sleep is a vital function of the body, it allows it to develop its biological capacities and improves our vitality, our metabolism, our learning or our memory. So taking care of your sleep is taking care of yourself!
The plant world is full of active ingredients with a recognized action on sleep. Among the best known, the passion flower which promotes relaxation and helps you find a restful sleep, or the lemon balm and the valerian that promote optimal relaxation.
Perhaps a little less popular, but no less effective, ashwagandha regulates cortisol levels and promotes sleep onset. It is an adaptogenic herb that has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine.
You can find from ashwagandha bio capsules easily in stores or on dedicated sites.
Finally the griffonia contains an essential amino acid in the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

4th pillar: Boost your tone

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It is difficult to always be on top and to perform on all fronts on a daily basis. Fatigue and lack of energy can have repercussions on our body and our morale.
This energy helps our body to function well and feel in good shape.
Let’s revitalize our body by bringing it the necessary tone to maintain our general well-being!
To fill up with vitality: listen to music, wear colorful clothes, expose yourself to the sun, breathe fresh air, exercise, go to bed early and fill up on vitamins and minerals.
Conversely, a diet that is too fatty and too sweet, lack of sunlight, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, excessive sports, stress, toxic relationships, social isolation and a disorderly environment can considerably harm your your tone.
Among the toning active ingredients that can help you perform on all fronts on a daily basis: the combination of vitamin C and caffeine is by far the most effective in terms of tone and vitality.
the camu camu is a superfood, an exotic fruit with high vitamin content! Indeed, it is known for its high concentration of vitamin C (more than 20 times the value of an orange on average). It is one of Peru’s main export riches to the whole world, the natives have been consuming and cherishing camu camu for millennia. Today, to make the most of all the virtues of camu camu, choose it organic, because compliance with the specifications guarantees you a quality product, without the use of substances that could alter its nutritional quality and its benefits.
I’green acerola is also one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C.
think about guarana and at green coffeeknown for their high caffeine content which increases energy capital.

5th pillar: Strengthen your body

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The best way to heal yourself is not to get sick. This may seem obvious, but it is absolutely true! Indeed, with age and cellular aging caused by certain factors of modern life (pollution, stress, industrial food, etc.), the body is more worn out, tired, weakened… and a simple virus can sometimes degenerate. Our body is an exceptional machine and nature has endowed it with a very effective defense system that can be stimulated, strengthened and preserved. And isn’t prevention better than cure?
In nature there are many natural active ingredients and plants with properties to stimulate, strengthen or preserve our defense system.
Among the plants used in traditional and ancestral medicines for millennia and which have experienced significant growth in recent centuries, we can cite the cat’s claw or organic cat’s claw whose benefits are recognized for the maintenance of natural defences.
More specifically on ENT pathways, the green propolis is popular because it is a source of antioxidants known to soothe the throat and protect against certain infections.
At last, echinacea is also widely used in immune formulas, as it contributes to the proper functioning of the body’s defense system.
In a preventive logic, antioxidants are also very popular, because they fight against premature aging of the body.
Acai is considered the fruit with the highest antioxidant power. We recommend the acai berries organic to buy in the form of food supplements or powder to get all the antioxidant benefits.

To benefit from all the benefits of natural active ingredients or combinations of active ingredients for your health, be sure to use natural biological active ingredients that guarantee the non-use of fertilizers and pesticides. Finally, to consume ethically, choose ingredients from agriculture that respects the soil and local populations.

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