The 50 most stunning ankle tattoos


Getting a tattoo can come from a impulse or a deliberate act. Where on your body you want to get a tattoo will depend on your motivations and the size and style of tattoo you choose. It is true that a tattoo can be more or less conspicuous depending on its location. A piece on the upper part of the body will be more easily seen during the summer period. While a piece on the lower part will promote discretion.

The peg is therefore an ideal location. The particular shape of this part of the body allows the creation of magnificent tattoos. They can go around it, which is called a bracelet tattoo. They can delicately follow the features of your skin in order to marry its shapes.

Especially since the tattoos on the ankle are relatively discreet. Your foot and ankle parts are special things to tattoo. Unlike parts like the arms, back, or legs, the ankles aren’t the easiest locations. The tattoo space is relatively small there. The skin is very thin at the level of the malleolus, which can cause a little more pain than on a more common part like the back. However, ankle tattoos are usually smaller than the pieces placed on the back or on the arms for example.

More and more people want to dress the ankles as if they were dressing a wrist. There are many anklets, so why not a tattoo. As mentioned earlier, tattoos placed on the ankle can enhance the shape of the ankle.

In terms of popular tattoo designs for this part of the body, we find several. The flowers come up quite often. Indeed, they can adapt perfectly to the shape of your ankle. Flower stems are generally malleable to follow your curves. They will therefore adapt perfectly to all your desires. Then we find the ttattoos bracelets. A bracelet tattoo is all about going around a part of your body with different designs and styles. They are found around the wrists, forearms, calves and also around the ankles. It’s a complete piece that will fill you with joy when worn.

An ankle tattoo can be considered refined. The location of the ankle is a complex area to tattoo, so the work that will be done there will be very precise.

You have a multitude of inspirations to create your own room. Combine your desires with the tattoo styles that exist, Maori style, Polynesian, Asian, traditional, new school. Colored or not. You choose. Your tattoo artist will also be able to advise you and present his point of view based on your own ideas. No matter your build, you can find the ankle tattoo that suits you best.

Below is an ankle tattoo inspiration composition found on Pinterest:

Here are some additional colorful ankle tattoo illustrations:

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