The 50 most stunning burgundy hair colours


Tinting your hair is a fashion that does not date today. This is an option that belongs to everyone, especially women who want to completely change their look. Today, this style is also present in many modern civilizations, especially that of Europe. So you want to transform yourself with a hairstyle that commands admiration? Here, we make you some proposals that have something to inspire you.

What length for burgundy red hair?

To get burgundy red hair, the size of your hair is not so important. In fact, everything is played on the change of color of your hair. Nevertheless, there are styles in terms of length which are the most common and whose elegance does not go unnoticed. You have the choice between cutting your hair according to the desired length or leaving it in its state.

There are several steps to achieve this hair style.

– To begin with, you need to get the ideal shade for such an operation. Try to make your choice in terms of color and if necessary, you can seek the advice of a professional.

– Then you must proceed to clean your hair, after choosing the length you want to obtain. If you want it short, then you will have to cut them according to your wishes.

– All you have to do is apply your coloring mixture to your hair, while respecting the desired result. After the operation, you will have to dry your hair with the help of a drying device for example. However, maintenance is very important for the preservation of this style of hairstyle.

1/ Dark red coloring for long hair

If you have a round face, then this hairstyle would suit you perfectly. It is a perfect choice for women with long hair.

2/ Burgundy red for a mid-length pixie

Do you have shorter hair and do you like the burgundy red fashion? Look no further, because this one would be perfect. If you want, you can even make them a little shorter.

3/ Pure burgundy red with a hint of pink

Get noticed by adopting a rather special burgundy red color. It’s an original style that you rarely see, so a little special for a special person.

4/ Burgundy red for straight and mid-length hair

Those with mid-length hair will not be against this wonder. It is a style that is perfect for professionals and business women.

5/ Burgundy red coloring on short hair with side bangs

The burgundy red coloring is a choice of seduction and in this sense, this model will allow you to attract the spotlight on you. It is very simple, but highlights the splendor of your face.

6/ Burgundy red coloring on long hair with cut bangs

Treat yourself to this impressive American look that can be used as a weapon of seduction. It is also an ideal style for business women.

7/ Burgundy red with a hint of black

Instead of doing just red, a spot mix of the color black would suit you perfectly. But if you want, you can decrease the length a bit for a more professional look.

8/ Long burgundy red

Simply make yourself beautiful with this magnificent beauty. You can always cut them, if you want to keep it simple.

9/ Burgundy red coloring with curly ends

Would you like a mix of burgundy red and curls? If so, then this is the perfect choice!

10/ Smooth curls in burgundy red

Transform your face with this particular style of burgundy red!

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