The 50 most stunning clock tattoos


There are endless possibilities for making tattoo designs. It depends on the style your tattoo artist will be using. Some people can travel hundreds of miles to find the tattoo artist that suits them best. Everything is done according to your wishes. You discuss with the tattoo artist the shape of your design, the color, the size and the location. By having your own idea, it will be easier to discuss with your artist. He can therefore offer you personalized pieces, or realize his creation from start to finish. We are going to introduce you to the different clock tattoo styles.

What are the different styles of tattoos with clocks?

First, it is necessary to identify the different styles of clocks. We can find a clock with hands. This is the most common format that can be found in clock tattoos. It consists of a dial with numbers digital and or romansand two or three needles. We can also talk about the tattoo in the shape of a pocket watch, which marks a new form of timekeeping.

Getting a clock tattoo contains a very strong symbolism with the time. Whether past, present or future, the hands will mark on your skin a date or a time that means a lot to you.

It happens more and more often to findsundials as tattoo designs. According to the writings, the sundial tattoo symbolizes the wisdom.

We can also discuss the tattoo stopwatch. New form of illustration of how time preciously flows. This means that time is short and it is important to make the most of it.

There are a multitude of inspirations to find the clock that will suit you best, here are the most innocuous:

Imelting clock. It is the fact of representing a clock that would be melting in the sun. This would relate to an experience out of the ordinary, of delusional. tattoos with melting clocks relate to the paintings of Salvador Dalifamous Spanish painter.

There are also clock tattoos which do not have needles. It’s called a tattoo timeless. This marks an indifference with the passage of time. Relatively close to this idea, we find tattoos with a broken clock. It symbolizes an element broken and irreparable. A past element that left scars indelible.

We also find clock tattoos that can be combined with other designs. The fact of associating a skull with a clock symbolizes the mortality. A person who wears a tattoo consisting of a clock and a skull will show that this person has gone through particularly difficult times during his life. It could be the death of a loved one, or even a pet. Wearing this type of pattern is a great proof of courage.

We can frequently find a rose associated with the clock. Totally different meaning with the previous one, this one will have a much more positive connotation. It symbolizes the importance of love over time, a timeless and infinite love.

Here are some pictures to illustrate the text above:

Some colorful inspirations

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