The 50 most lovely decorations for teenage bedrooms


Unlike a child’s room, which is made for rest and games, a teenager’s room is a real headquarters. It can be used as a space for study, relaxation, a gathering place with friends or for leisure such as music. It must then be well decorated.

If you want to redo the boy’s room from ceiling to floor, it is recommended to start by painting the ceiling. You can think next of the walls. Then make the choice of the light finally of him personality his room.

Puberty is known to be a time that is often complicated for adolescents where they are in search of their identity by looking for their bearings. The only place where they really feel comfortable is their bedroom, so it must be made to their liking. We offer you some images of the most beautiful teenage bedroom decorations.

1. Simple decoration with soccer ball image

This decoration is appropriate for a teenager who is in love with football. A ball board hanging at the bedside, a duvet on which a football field is drawn

2. Decoration with a single bed

A simple decoration with wall paper with the predominant color blue.

3. Decoration with graffiti

For a Hip Hop lover this decoration is perfect. A graffiti on the wall represents a great love for Hip Hop

4. Decorate with neutral colors

A gray wall, a white ceiling and a white desk designate the room of a fairly reserved teenager.

5. Simple decoration

The mixture of red and gray color makes this room very pretty and spacious.

6. A decoration with the world map

A teenager’s room where everything is in white designates a clean and responsible teenager. With the map of the world on the wall and book shelves, you can say a teenager who likes to be adventurous.

7. Teenage room with toys

An entire cabinet of shelves filled with toys. This decoration is typical for boys.

8. Decoration with toys

A nice decoration with figurines. A mixture of White and Chocolate colors for this room.

9. Decoration of a small space

Restricted space, simple and pretty decoration with the predominant white color.

10. Decoration with letters

A teenager’s room with a television, a desk and a bed.

11. A decoration with comic strips

12. A decoration in two colors

13. The bedroom decorated with a drawing on the wall

14. Decoration with a high bed

15. Simple decoration with a bed and paintings

16. A decoration with the color yellow

17. Decoration in white-black.

18. Teen bedroom decorated with a bunk bed.

19. Teen bedroom decorated with a nightlight

20. Teen bedroom decorated with a blue white wall

21. Teen bedroom decorated with purple and red color

22. Teen bedroom decorated all in wood

23. Teen bedroom decorated with a pink wall

24. Teen bedroom decorated with a white wall and wooden floor

25. Teen bedroom decorated in a pop style

26. Teen bedroom decorated like a chalet

27. Teenage bedroom, decorated with a gray wall.

28. Teen bedroom decorated with graffiti on the wall

29. Teen bedroom decorated with a bed and a small desk

30. Teen bedroom decorated in white with gray flooring

31. Teen bedroom decorated with wallpaper

32. Teen bedroom decorated with a bedside table and a bed

33. Teen bedroom decorated in black-white

34. Teen bedroom decorated with shelves for books

35. Teen bedroom decorated in white purple with a small desk

36. Teen bedroom decorated in blue

37. Teen bedroom decorated in white gold

38. Teen bedroom decorated with black

39. Teen bedroom decorated in white with a desk

40. Teen bedroom decorated with skate slope

41. Teen bedroom decorated in blue with a desk

42. Teenager’s room decorated with a pink wall and the desk then the bunk bed.

43. Teen bedroom decorated in green white

44. Teen bedroom decorated with yellow lights and panels

45. Teen bedroom decorated in black white with a drawing

46. ​​Teen bedroom decorated in white green like nature

47. Teen bedroom decorated in black yellow with the image of a city

48. Teen bedroom decorated with a gray wall

49. Teen bedroom decorated with green walls and wooden floors

50. Well-decorated teen bedroom with a green wall

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