The 50 most stunning geometric tattoos


Hi everyone, I show you in this article a selection of 50 most beautiful geometric tattoos that I have found and that I would like to show you if you want to see some beautiful geometric tattoos to inspire you.

Geometric shapes are not only useful in mathematics, they also appear in ink art. This style is becoming more and more popular as it is highly coveted today because of its beauty and aesthetics.

What makes the charm of a geometric tattoo?

What makes the charm of this type of tattoos is simply these patterns inspired by geometric shapes. It is often not easy to convey a message through geometric shapes but in the art of tattooing everything is possible. So with a combination of these shapes, with other patterns all done in the right places we get a very beautiful work on the body.

What types of designs can be done in this style of tattoo, as well as their meanings?

Geometric shapes can be combined with several motifs, namely animals, flowers, portraits and many others, it’s all about inspiration. However, these symbols have meanings such as the circle which expresses continuity, infinity, the cycle of life; the triangle which symbolizes the four main elements (fire, wind, water, earth); the square which signifies sincerity, the seasons, the evidence and finally the pyramid which symbolizes success, stability, strength and hierarchy.

Here is a selection of the 50 best geometric tattoos.

1. Tattoo with geometric patterns on the inside of the arm.

A network of lines resulting from a personal inspiration.

2. A wolf drawn with geometric shapes.

Portrait of a wolf made entirely with polygonal shapes.

3. Spheres that revolve around a heart.

This image highlights the attractive force of a heart full of love for the universe.

4. Cuff-like lines.

An armband made with lines

5. The face of a feline through rectangles.

Very opaque pattern made on the forearm which represents the gaze of a feline through rectangles

6. Spheres and the solar system.

Light ink tattoo of the solar system on the arm. This pattern is perfect for space enthusiasts

7. Hexagon figure stitches in armband.

Tattoo made of hexagonal figures as a pattern that represents the cells of a beehive.

8. A deer with geometric patterns.

A deer represented by small pieces all on a triangle and circles.

9. geometric shapes on the forearm.

Pattern made with triangles and circles on the forearm. This type of type of drawings is reminiscent of the diagrams of astronauts.

10. Half face of a wolf in polygons.

This pattern is reminiscent of a portrait on broken glass. It can be done on a more or less wide surface like the back.

11. Subtle pattern on the forearm.

12. Triangles on the forearm.

13. Planets in circles.

14. Very opaque design on the shoulder.

15. A sphere crossed by a black cloud.

16. tattoo done on the forearm.

17. Minimalist Geometric Tattoo

18. A thin line with writing.

19. Reason for a scientific work.

20. Triangles in the palm of your hand.

21. An eagle in a circle.

22. Tattoo done on calves.

23. Cuff with hexagon shapes.

24. Tribal pattern of lines around the arm.

25. A half-faced bear in geometric figures.

26. Tattoo on the forearm.

27. World map with circles and lines.

28. A flower in a triangle.

29. Geometric patterns at the bottom of the elbow.

30. Realistic tattoo.

31. Minimalist pattern.

32. Spheres that revolve around a nucleus.

33 . A half-realistic fox.

34. Pattern made on the forearm

35. 3D figures on the arm.

36. A spiral.

37. Subtle Pattern

38. Tattoo wave motion from upper back extended to arm

39 Representation of an atom on the arm

40 Lion tattoo with triangular shapes on the chest

41. Geometric pattern on the chest.

42. Face of a wolf decorated with geometric figures.

43. Atomic representation.

44. Hexagon Shape Patterns

45. Tattoo done in the ribs.

46. ​​Tattoo done on the chest.

47. A compass on geometric shapes.

48. A scale.

49. Triangles.

50. A pattern with triangles on the calf.

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