The 50 most stunning journey tattoos


Hi everyone, here are the 50 most beautiful travel-themed tattoo ideas that I have found and collected in a single page of this article so that tattoo travel lovers can find what they are looking for.

To travel is to escape, to discover new horizons and also to keep beautiful memories. often the memories are immortalized with photos but in the extreme, it is engraved on the skin in the form of travel tattoos on different parts of the body although these motifs do not always illustrate the places traveled.

What are the parts of the body on which travel motifs are tattooed the most?

The travel tattoo can be done in several forms. This is what allows it to be performed on several parts of the body, because depending on the style and size of the pattern it fits perfectly in the place. Thus several parts of the body serve as support for this type of pattern, namely: the hands, the wrists, the fingers, the forearm, the foot, the upper back, the back of the ear and sometimes at the back. ‘shoulder.

So take your pick from the selection of the 50 best travel tattoos on this list.

1. Airplane around the globe

Very beautiful minimalist design with flower patterns on the ankle. Generally flower patterns are much more feminine.

2. Compass on the forearm

Compasses or compasses are instruments of adventurers. In the tattoo it thus designates the symbol of orientation.

3. Bird tattoo between designs

Tribal patterns are also travel tattoos because they are part of the heritage of discovery.

4. Great Wave off Kanagawa pattern in a sphere

The popular Great Wave off Kanagawa tattoo, is a representation of the force of nature towards man.

5. Tribal pattern.

A Nordic tattoo would make a great souvenir on a voyage of discovery.

6. Compass rose.

This type of motif often represents the will of the man to want to find his way back.

7. World map.

This type of tattoo is very often masculine because the patterns are made on the forearm, which is very typical for men.

8. A globe on the upper back.

A world map on the back represents the desire to escape or the love of adventure and freedom.

9. A world map with butterfly motifs.

Tattoo with feminine characteristics. Perfect for women who want to make a pattern like this.

10. Circles and a pyramid.

Impressive pattern combined with geometric shapes.

11. Picture of a mountain.

12. The compass rose on the back

13. Picnic grounds.

14. Polar star pattern.

15. Tribal pattern.

16. A world map on an inflatable

17. “wind rose” in an opaque style.

18. Subtle pattern.

19. Patterns of space combined with mandala.

20. Porthole tattoo.

21. An astronaut clinging to the planets.

22. Tribal constellation pattern.

23. Chest tattoo.

24. Star and moon patterns.

25. Solar system on a statuette.

26. An astronaut with geometric patterns.

27. A plane landing.

28. A pattern of compass rose and flowers.

29. Star tattoo.

30. Pattern made on the shoulder.

31. Tattoo done on the back of the arm.

32. Reasons for travel.

33. Tattoo done on the forearm.

34. A quote and airplane motif.

35. Tattoo in a minimalist style.

36. Chest tattoo.

37. Subtle pattern.

38. Tattoos on the chest.

39. Pattern on the ankle.

40. Tattoo on the arm.

41. World map in blue on the forearm.

42. Patterns and symbols of travel.

43. Tattoo done on the back.

44 3D tattoo done on the shoulder.

45. Tattoo on the biceps.

46. ​​Pattern of the stars in a tribal style.

47. Landscape tattoo.

48. Impressive pattern all over the back.

49. Opaque world map.

50. A mixture of several patterns.

To see if new tattoo ideas on the theme of travel have been added to this collection of ideas, it’s happening this way <3

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