The 50 most lovely tree of life tattoos


One tree of Life is the perfect representation of life. We can easily compare it to human life. The roots are the source of the tree’s development. We can therefore equate it with the period of pregnancy, the period when the fetus becomes a baby. The part where the trunk fate of earth may correspond to the moment of childbirth. It is therefore the beginning of life. The child coming into life relates to the tree that grows slowly over the years. It is therefore a beautiful comparison that that of the tree and the human being.

It also happens that a tree of Life is not always represented with the roots. Especially for people who prefer the upper part of the tree.

How to represent it in the form of a tattoo?

To best represent a tree of Life, we can break it down into 3 parts. The first concerns the roots and everything underground. They can be represented in black or just with black outlines. Shading in the background can also accentuate the contrast.

One trunkwith or without bark can enhance your tattoo. The choice and density of details is up to you. And finally the top of the tree with the branches. Similarly, you are free to choose to put sheets or not after branches.

We will look among the different cultures existing what are the meanings oftree of Life. If we are interested in the Viking or Nordic cultures, thetree of Life relates to  » the world tree « . According to legends, this tree is the cradle of the 9 worlds. One ash immense that would encompass these kingdoms. If we look at the Christian religionI’tree of Life is an allegory between good and evil. It would be from this tree that Adam and Eve would have picked up the fruit of sin. And according to other countries, thetree of Life symbolizes the awakening of wisdom and spirituality. One tree of life therefore represents a connection between life and spiritualitymaterialized with roots and branches pointing to the sky.

On which part of the body represent a tree of life?

One tattoo with a tree of Life can be represented in many ways. Depending on the size of your room, you can choose its appropriate location. The back will offer you a canvas worthy of the name. You will have the greatest place to carry out your tattoo and to insert details. For slightly smaller pieces, you can opt for the wrist, the forearm or the ankle. It would therefore be a smaller and more discreet piece but just as beautiful to wear. The ribs, although painful, can also provide space for the realization of this type of tattoo.

It is common to associate an additional theme with thetree of Life. A floweran animal or even with calligraphy. The symbols are numerous and important for the person who wears them.

Here are tattoos brimming with inspiration for a tree of life tattoo.

Here are some models of tattoos before they are placed on the skin:

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