The 50 Most Lovely Viking Wolf Tattoos


When we talk about viking wolfwe often hear the name of Fenrir. This is the son of God Loki, son of Odin. These are known names and are still used today in books, films and series. In the Nordic mythology, as in Greek and Roman mythology, there are several gods. Fenrir, being the son of a god, is also considered a god.

Fenrir is therefore one of the children of Loki and from Angrbodaa direct descending giant from Ymir. ymir was also considered a giant at the origin of all things. We are aware that explaining the mythology nordic and its secrets is quite a large project so we will focus on the son of Lokithe wolf Fenrir.

According to legends, Fenrir would destroy the human world in a programmed apocalypse, called the Ragnarok. During these dark times, Odin, the father of Loki, the grandfather of Fenrir, had to die by the fangs of the wolf before humanity died out in turn. Apart from a promised fatal fate, Fenrir also knew how to become the symbol of viking wolf tattoo. Above all, he remains a wolf. We remind you that the wolf is the symbol of loyalty and trust in the pack. It is therefore quite normal for such a well-known character to take on this role of symbol.

Integrate a viking wolf like Fenrir in a tattoo is therefore not a trivial thing. Indeed, it is appropriate to associate a majestic animal with the symbol of a Norse deity. So the meaning of the tattoo will become much stronger. If we dig a little deeper, the wolf viking represents many things including destruction for the gods. It can also symbolize combat or protection. We can easily relate the fact that wolves protect each other. We therefore notice that with regard to our viking wolfits symbolism is rather controversial.

What about tattoo depictions of Viking wolves?

As with any tattoo, there are several styles to represent a design of viking wolf including realism. You can draw inspiration from the writings and/or archival illustrations of the viking mythology. So many viking wolf tattoos will have a color accent at eye and mouth level. Quite simply because most illustrations and engravings show Fenrir with a piercing and colorful gaze.

Getting a tattoo of a wolf from the Nordic mythology strengthens the bonds with his tattoo and his symbolic. It is very common to associate the tattoo of the animal with runes from Viking mythology. These runes were the symbols of the gods. They were used to give strength and courage to warriors who went into battle. They can also provide protection for a home or for a harvest. The assortment of these two elements is therefore very common in the field of tattooing the viking wolf. The Viking wolf tattoos perfectly well on the arms and forearms.

Here is a collection of the most beautiful viking wolf tattoo inspirations:

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