The 52 most lovely curly hair hairstyles for males


Having beautiful hair increases charm, but also human elegance. The rule is the same whether it is a man or a woman. If men are used to short haircuts, the trend has changed for quite a while. The curly hair man becomes the most appreciated choice of the moment because of its great Class and its elegance.

Want to change your haircut and get into the new fashion? If so, then we make here some proposals that will seduce you.

Achieving the curly hair man is not as complicated as you thought. First, you have the choice between going to a hair professional or doing it yourself. For the second option, you just need to grab one of your hairs which you wrap around the iron to finally turn the device. You will get a beautiful curl worthy of a woman’s hair. The operation is to be repeated with all your other hair.

What length of hair for Curly men?

The expression curly already refers to a loop. However, you can only have a beautiful curl if your hair has a certain length. So, this hairstyle is not too recommended for a man with too short hair. In other words, the longer your hair, the more successful the operation will be. At a minimum, your hair length should be at least 4 centimeters. But, it also depends on the tool you want to use to do it, since some smaller ones will do the trick below this dimension.

To make curly short hair, you have several possibilities. First, put some gel in your hair after cleaning it. Wait a few minutes. After drying, all you have to do is use a pencil to make small loops around it. Continue until you get the desired result. Failing this method, you can use a natural texturizing spray. The application on your hair will give you a result that will surprise you.

1/ Layered curls with crop

The degraded buckle with crop is the perfect choice for lovers of simplicity.

2/ Layered curls with fringes

If you like hairstyles with a casual style, then this one will be welcome.

3/ Gray curls with fringes

A very seductive curl for the perfect style. But, you can get more charm by making it shorter.

4/ Relaxed curls and plunging fringes

The plunging style would suit younger people. However, everything would be even more perfect if the hair was higher.

5/ Long, more layered curls

A little mess in the hair is even more admirable. It is the mark of confident men.

6/ Straight curl hair with rising fringes

The finish of this buckle is interesting. Except that a pointed shape behind the neck would suit much better.

7/ Simple short and layered curls

Degraded but neater is a choice to change your look. This makes it simpler, but more successful.

8/ Curl hair with curly fringes

This fairly rounded style is ideal for the youngest. However, a side parting would be welcome.

9/ Gradient curl hair with fringes

Like the previous case, it lacks a small parting to make this style more interesting.

10/ Plunging curls with half-curled fringes

A well made and much more stylish loop. A mixture of colors would only increase the charm.

11/ Gray and plunging curl with a hint of black

Sloping and gray with a semblance of black. Why not a little parting on the side!

12/ Long straight curls with fringes

Everything is perfect to change your face with this hairstyle. You could even add some colors.

13/ Short and curly curls

You can stay stylish with a shorter hairstyle. Add a small parting to better transform your face.

14/ Black curls with a hint of blonde

A little mix of gray and more blond and this hairstyle will change you.

15/ Straight gradient with falling fringes

This is the perfect back-to-school hairstyle. Get noticed with a little more grey.

16/ A semblance of black curls

Want to completely change your style? If yes, then do this hairstyle option. You will not be disappointed.

17/ Indian male curl hair

18/ Black curls swept back

A hairstyle to reveal your face? Well, the swept-back option will suit you.

19/ Curls with more hairstyles on the side

How about a mix of curls and hairstyles? This style offers more charm than you imagined.

20/ Smooth blonde curls with a hint of black

The fashion of the actors always makes a good impression in real life. Do not hesitate to style the sides for more aesthetics.

21/ Pure and straight black curly

Are you a man of character? If so, show it through your haircut! This one will satisfy you.

22/ Long black curls with fringes

An ideal cut for curly hair. Try to use products that hold your hair in place.

23/ Mid-plunging curls with styled sides

This cut is ideal for professionals. It is shorter, but more classy.

24/ The degraded cut à la Justin bieber

A haircut from a recognized star? But how about a little more gray in your personal style!

26/ Light and plunging curls

Plunging with plunging bangs is what might set you apart. But go for a mix of black instead of a single color.

27/ Gray and plunging curls

In the absence of the previous choice, this hairstyle will do the trick for your evening. However, make a more upright choice.

28/ Curls for mid-length hair

If you have shorter hair, then this curl would suit you perfectly. Very simple and very original.

29/ Hat and plunging curls

If you are more into full curls, then this is the option we have for you. Less bangs would suit you much better.

30/ Curly and plunging curls

The plunging style is in fashion. Make a color option to stand out.

31/ Small curly and relaxed curls

This little loop is perfect dipping for laid back people. You will make a remarkable entrance with this style.

32/ plunging layers with fringes

If you are younger, then add a little parting to this style for more charm.

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