The 60 most stunning mid-length haircuts for girls


Hello girls, I have collected in this article the 60 most beautiful mid-length haircuts for women that I could find for you to bring you the most examples and models of mid-length hairstyles to bring you the most beautiful inspirations.

There are a myriad of medium length haircuts today that capture the essence of beauty and style. With small, tight curls, added to the bangs, this is most definitely a desired touch by many women.

What is medium length hair?

Medium long hair is ideal haircuts for those looking for the perfect compromise between the short edge and mermaid hair because they are neither too long nor too short. Feminine, elegant, glamorous and easy going, this is the haircut that’s easy to style every day!

What haircut to do with medium length hair?

Medium length hairstyles are some of the most versatile because “medium length” can mean so many things! To take advantage of all this potential, the willingness to experiment is essential. Maybe it’s time to get some style inspiration and turn those medium length locks into a new signature. Models such as the asymmetrical squarethe parting in the middlethe pixie cutthe fuzzy bunthe blurred square… are suitable ideas for all seasons (spring, winter, autumn, summer).

To have a better feeling of well-being, give a touch of rock and bohemian to your hairstyle by leaving the lengths little worked. « Once your hair is washed, don’t part it. Ideally, it should be loosely defined. Blur your locks with a spray bottle to create waves and add volume. Results ? Your hair will display worked lengths while avoiding displaying too much sophistication”.

Looking for a structured and worked cut? You can opt for long bangs, framed by slicked-back lengths. To do this, go to the hairdresser if you are a hairstylist to explain to him what type of fringe you want. Ideally, choose the rather long, full one and display it in your hairstyle. This option requires daily work on your hair for a tailor-made result”.

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