The 7 Methods Girls Destroy Their Marriage.


In theory, marriage is a wonderful thing.

But it is an everyday job.

« The wise woman builds her house, but the foolish woman demolishes it with her own hands« .

For me, that sums up the 2 types of married women perfectly.

On the one hand, the woman full of wisdom, the one who builds her marriage.

And on the other, the foolish woman who destroys what she has built.

Yes, ladies! Alone, we have one hell of a power: the power to destroy our marriage, our home, our family.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true: we have the power to build, to create, to construct, to raise a home.

But to do that, we need wisdom. For example, when I think of my own wedding …

I know I made some crazy mistakes, which must have hurt my family.

This is why I share with you 7 Ways Women Destroy Their Marriage. Look :

1. Putting your husband down in front of others

By constantly putting her husband down, a wife can destroy her marriage.

Some women belittle constantly their husband.

They talk about him saying hurtful things, but always jokingly.

For example :

« Oh, you know, my Jacques, he’s nice… but frankly, he doesn’t know much. »

Or :

« I’ll tell you something: he has only a license. « 


It doesn’t matter if your husband is next to you or not, words can hurt.

And hurtful comments show you don’t really respect your man.

I would even say that it is the behavior of a woman who does not love her husband.

The latest news is that a man also needs to know that his wife admires and respects him. Like us !

2. Try to be right all the time

Women who try to be right all the time can destroy their marriage.

Constantly questioning what your husband says is like putting him down … it destroys it.

That’s not to say that I think you have to smile sweetly and nod your head when your husband speaks.

Especially if he’s talking nonsense!

In contrast, all the time question what your husband says, it is really not a good idea.

Sometimes wisdom is knowing when to shut up, when to Stop to be right.

Myself, I love to be right! But you know what ?

I learned that sometimes you can be « right » while being wrong?

So the next time wisdom tells you « shhh!« , listen to her.

3. Contrasting your husband in front of the children

Avoid contradicting your husband in front of the children.

Phew… For me, this is one of the biggest challenges of our life as a couple!

Normal, because raising children is one of those things that can divide a couple.

I know my husband is a great guy, and a caring, very caring daddy.

But we don’t always have the same vision of education!

And sometimes I admit it, I can’t help but contradict his choices in front of the children …

For example, if he tells them that they can stay up until midnight …

There, I take it again hot, in front of our children.

And I remind him that they need 10 to 12 hours of sleep for their development.

Or the other day, my husband said « yes » to the children who asked for ice cream after the evening meal…

While they had already eaten at noon!

Again, I had a hard time not contradicting him:

« Absolutely not. That’s way too much sugar, kids! »

Yes, I know … Too often I find it hard to make a united front in front of our children.

I know I have to do concession work.

For example, if occasionally our children go to bed a little later than usual …

It’s not really not the end of the world.

Even when you don’t necessarily agree with your husband’s parenting strategy …

It is important not to react hot.

And unless his choice of education really hurts them …

Stay always in solidarity with him in front of the children.

In fact, how you would like him to do it with you!

Then take the time to talk quietly about it together without the children to prevent it from happening again.

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4. Share your husband’s little secrets with your friends

Avoid telling your friends about your husband's personal problems.

Attention, this point is ultra important for men !

Most guys have a hard time talking openly about their issues.

And to anyone, including their family, friends, colleagues …

And even to us, their own wives!

Why ?

Maybe because what your man wants is to be a superhero … your Super hero.

And to talk about his weaknesses with his wife, he needs to be vulnerable.

And that is not an easy task … even for Superman!

You see what I mean ?

If your husband confides in you, let him speak from the heart, without judging him.

And especially : NEVER share this personal information with someone else.

Keep them for YOU, like the most precious of treasures in a safe.

Otherwise, he may never open up to you again!

5. Flirt and talk to her about your exes

Flirting and talking about your exes all the time can destroy a marriage.

Yes, there was a time when I had a slight obsession with Jude Law …

Her beautiful blue eyes, and her mischievous smile.

And hey, I admit it. One evening, my little obsession got out of hand.

The film Stalingrad was on TV, the one where Jude is particularly delicious …

And I couldn’t help but say out loud:

« Oh, you are beautiful as a god, Jude …« 

What a jug… I had totally forgotten that my wonderful husband was right next to me on the sofa!

And there, frankly, if I put myself in his place, I must admit …

Talk about another man’s sex appeal, it is not very elegant from me.

Well, in my defense… It is highly unlikely that Jude and I will experience passionate love under the coconut trees!

But still, it’s not serious.

Like women who talk too often to their exes (or of their ex).

Or, those who maintain emotional ties with their former conquests.

I know, in theory, having that kind of relationship is completely innocent.

But I also know that it takes very little for things to go wrong, and potentially destroy a marriage.

6. Let go physically

Letting go physically can destroy a marriage.

It is a subject that can disturb, even offend some women.

However, if I tell you about it, it is not to criticize, but only to help others.

As my grandmother used to say: « Married man is not blind! »

Yes, whatever we think of it, men have eyes, like us.

So, it’s normal that they like beautiful women… A bit like I like my Jude Law 🙂

Physical attraction in a couple does not fade even after years.

On the contrary, to keep your relationship alive, it must last over time.

What matters is that you continue to seduce each other, like you did in the beginning.

Never think that seduction is a thing of the past …

Because taking the other for granted is a big mistake!

Indeed, unconditional love is extremely rare.

In fact, love takes work, even after years of living as a couple.

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7. Refuse to make love to « punish » him

Refusing to have sex can destroy a marriage.

Sex is such a powerful weapon.

Used correctly, it can turn your wedding into something great.

And unfortunately, the opposite is also true.

For example, if you refuse his advances to « punish » him.

Or if you have sex with him, but reluctantly.

In these cases, sex has destructive power.

Indeed, as you know, sex plays an extremely important role in a couple.

So, if you get stuck, for emotional or physical reasons, don’t wait:

Talk to your husband.

Remember: dialogue is stronger than sex!

By communicating, by discussing your couple’s libido problems, you will inevitably find a solution.

Of course, sex is not the only ingredient for a fulfilling life as a couple.

But it is without a doubt one of the most important (and enjoyable) parts of marriage.

Remember, you are the only person he shares this experience with, so take the utmost care.

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Your turn…

Do you know of other ways that women have to destroy their marriages? Tell us all in the comments. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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