A budget and efficient do-it-yourself material softener with an surprising ingredient


Using fabric softener is not mandatory and can even be harmful. However, many people find it difficult to do without it when washing in the washing machine. To avoid polluting the water, irritating their skin and suffering from allergies, some people have found a solution: use white vinegar! This natural ingredient makes it possible to detach the linen and to soften it in addition to deodorizing it. However, it does not smell very good and essential oils are not the best option to alleviate this problem. What if the solution was to concoct an easy and cheap, but very effective and tailor-made homemade fabric softener to soften the laundry?

The advantages of this unusual but effective home softener:

In our recipe of the day, we explain how to combine white vinegar… with conditioner to make clothes extra soft! Very economical, this trick is also very beneficial for laundry. This combo will indeed have a excellent softening and deodorizing power on bad smells, while helping to fight lint on sweaters and static electricity on laundry. Rest assured: the conditioner does not lather unlike the shampoo. And above all, it is very soft with the fibers of the clothes and you can choose the smell that suits you.

Of course, here, there is no need to opt for an expensive product. You can use the bottle you’re struggling to finish because it doesn’t suit your hair or just grab the cheapest conditioner in your supermarket! Added to the price of a bottle of white vinegar, the cost of this homemade fabric softener is simply unbeatable. And above all, it works as well as the commercial product.

Make way for the recipe for this amazing homemade fabric softener!

Ingredients :

-750ml hot water
-370 ml of white vinegar
-250 ml of conditioner of the scent of your choice
-A large airtight container to store the product (why not an old fabric softener or liquid detergent bottle?)
-A whip

Steps :

1) First, pour your hot water into a container.
2) Then, gently incorporate your conditioner into it using a whisk.
3) When the product seems well diluted, add the white vinegar. It’s already ready!

You can add this fabric softener to the dedicated compartment in the washing machine with the same quantities than the normal softener (to be adapted according to the size of your drum and the quantity of laundry to be washed). Otherwise, it is quite possible to wet a sponge or cloth with this mixture and slide everything into the dryer before starting it. You’ll never need to buy store-bought fabric softener again!

Other ideas to recycle a conditioner?

If you’re struggling to finish a bottle of hair conditioner, our amazing homemade fabric softener recipe is sure to hit the spot. Be aware, however, that you can also use it to help a difficult zipper slide better. Just take a little material and apply it where it gets stuck. And if not, this hair care can be used for shave your legs. This little-known alternative to shaving foam has the merit of costing much less and leaving the skin very soft! To be avoided however at the level of the jersey…

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