The early indicators of most cancers that males should not ignore


Bloody urine

Of all cancer-related deaths, bladder cancer is the eighth most common cause. The American Cancer Society reports that one of the first signs of bladder cancer is blood in the urine. It happens early on and is usually not accompanied by pain or other symptoms. As this is a very common disease, any sign of bloody urine should be taken seriously.

Bloody urine may appear orange, pink, or red. Some people with bladder cancer may never see blood in their urine, but have other urinary symptoms, and not all people who have blood in their urine have bladder cancer. Instead, other causes of bloody urine can be benign tumors, infections, or kidney stones.

Difficulty swallowing

Many symptoms are not of concern if they occur rarely or never return, such as dysphagia (a medical term for difficulty swallowing). If you have dysphagia, you will have difficulty swallowing food and sometimes liquids. There may be tightness in the throat and chest where the food gets stuck. If it does not improve or if you are vomiting or losing weight, it is time to see your doctor.

“One of the causes is cancer, especially in the mouth, throat or esophagus. Cancer that develops in these parts of the body can narrow these passages, ”reports the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Your doctor will likely give you tests that may involve a computed tomography (CT) or swallowing study. Dysphagia caused by cancer will worsen over time as the cancer grows, causing the esophagus to narrow.


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