the simple recipe with backyard mint!


All gardeners know it well (or learn it the hard way!): mint is a very invasive plant in the garden. Unless it is grown in a pot, it tends to spread quickly, often in defiance of other plants in the vegetable garden. As a result, we end up with a phenomenal amount of leaves. You can then decide to freeze them or dry them to keep them. However, even with these techniques, it can be difficult to sell your stock, even when you love to ask about mojitos. And then, mint tea is very nice (especially since this infusion is excellent for digestion), but it’s a bit off-putting. That’s why today we offer you this tasty recipe for homemade mint syrup to consume in water, lemonade or even cocktails.

This preparation will seduce both a gardener who is overwhelmed with fresh mint leaves and young and old gourmets looking for a refreshing drink in anticipation of sunny days. And for those who pay attention to their line, we will offer a sugar free alternative, but with just as much delicacy and pleasure to taste. Not jealous !

Ingredients :

-600ml of water
-300 fresh mint leaves (about 15 to 20 mint stalks)
-600 g of sugar
Optional: you can also provide food coloring to obtain a very green mint syrup like the store-bought one. Indeed, without adding dye, the final result will naturally draw more on the brown.

In any case, plan a bottle to contain your syrup. A glass bottle where the canister of an old syrup finished that you have kept and cleaned will do the job perfectly.

Mint sirup
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The mint syrup recipe step by step:

1) First of all, stem and wash your mint carefully in cold water. Make sure at this stage tohave the right amount to get an intense mint flavor.
2) Pour your water, sugar and mint into a saucepan.
3) Then, bring everything to a boil over medium heat. When it’s good, reduce the heat so that your syrup cooks gently at a low boil for about ten minutes. The texture will become more creamy and syrupy during cooking.
4) After getting the right texture, you can extend the heat and allow to cool, then add your food coloring if desired.
5) Once the syrup has cooled well, it is time to filter it with a fine cloth or a colander and transfer it to its bottle. It’s already ready! Pretty easy, right?

The light recipe for homemade mint syrup without sugar:

To prepare the light version of the previous recipe, we will use stevia powder instead of sugar. Thanks to its sweetening power 300 times greater than that of sugar, you will need a very small amount to make a lighter syrup. In theory, 2g stevia will therefore be more than enough to sweeten your homemade syrup. However, do not hesitate to check on the package, because very often, there is a conversion table to replace sugar in the right proportions.

Be aware, however, that stevia does not act as a preservative unlike sugar. Also, the classic syrup will keep for about three weeks, while this zero-calorie version should be consumed within a week of making it.

Other great uses for mint leaves:

mint bouquet
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Mint is a very versatile plant almost endless uses. If making homemade mint syrup isn’t too much for you, there are lots of other delicious ways you can use it! For example, you can use this fresh mint to:

– Flavor your smoothies and give a fresh taste to your salads, fruit salads and tabbouleh, as well as your spring rolls.
-Make a minty yoghurt sauce to accompany meats or even a mint pesto for the pasta and prawns
-Create icing mint-chocolate for a cake or enjoy a mint hot chocolate
Keep unwanted insects away by arranging leaves in cups or rubbing them on your skin
– Scare away mice by placing leaves in places of passage
-Prepare fresh beauty and hygiene products: mask, lotion, toothpaste, etc.

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