the households of delinquents quickly disadvantaged of their rights?


In the North of France, a mayor wants to withdraw social aid from the families of young “delinquents”. Explanations.

The news had the effect of a bomb. In the North, in Caudry“delinquents” and their families could be deprived of their social assistance. This was proposed by the mayor of Caudry during a deliberation with the municipal social action center (CCAS) and the proposal was adopted.

“Security forces are more and more frequently confronted with delinquents, most of them minors”

Explained the UDI mayor of the city, Frédéric Bricout, in a press release to AFP.

Which families concerned?

The families concerned will be those “of which a member has been the subject of a call to order or for which the parental support offered by the Council for the Rights and Duties of Families (CDDF) has been refused or has been the subject of a final judgment following an offense disturbing public order or causing damage to the municipality

However, the mayor specifies that the families of “delinquents” will have a first chance to escape this measure: if the minor “adopts a new attitude” with regard to the commune.

“We will first receive people in CDDF, we will ask the miner to adopt a new attitude, and if they do not, we will remove these aids as a last resort”

Justifies Frédéric Bricourt.

How much will families be deprived of?

This text, voted unanimously by the CCAS, concerns “access to optional CCAS aid” and not that of the State. Nevertheless, they represent a service for the school canteen which can amount to 260 euros, assistance with the payment of costs such as electricity bills, but also access to the solidarity grocery store in Caudry.

A dissonant voice was heard. Sophie Desreumaux, socialist opponent to the mayor of the town, judges this measure ineffective and dangerous for minors:

“It amounts to endangering childhood. You don’t take the bread out of a child’s mouth, no matter what he’s done’

Also saying « doubt that increasing financial hardship can help accountability”.

Find the aid that the government paid to French households during the health crisis, in our video above.

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