The House Air Freshener That Actually ELIMINATES Poop Odors.


And since we’re on this topic…

…I admit that the child in me wants to share some of my favorite expressions!

So, how do you say, back home? You unmold a cake ? You cast a bronze ?

You drop the kids off at the pool, you file for bankruptcy? Or maybe you have the cigar at the edge of your lips?

And let’s not forget: the day after the party, whipping poop! I will stop there, otherwise it will degenerate! Back on topic.

Last Christmas, I gave my husband a bottle of this toilet deodorizerfor eliminate bad odors.

Only, after opening his gift, my husband started laughing. He said to me: “This thing is funny, I love humorous gifts! « .

I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Do you think this is for fun? This is a REAL gift, my love! All my years of olfactory torture are finally coming to an end! »

A spray that is used BEFORE the big commission

Spray that is used before the big commission

Well, since trying it, my husband has become a huge fan! Why ? Because this spray is of formidable efficiency.

His secret? Unlike conventional air fresheners, it is used BEFORE to do the big errand and not after.

Concretely, this spray must be sprayed directly on the water in the bowl before sitting down.

This system thus makes it possible to create a barrier which retains unpleasant odors in the water. Very clever!

The only concern is that this air freshener is not given.

Fortunately, it is quite possible to make this spray yourself with essential oils. Look :


A bottle of alcohol at 70°, essential oils and water will eliminate the bad smell of poo in your toilet.

1 teaspoon of alcohol at 70°

– 30-40 drops of essential oil (I love thelemongrass essential oil and of pepper mint)

– some water

How to do

1. Pour the 70° alcohol into a small spray bottle of 10 cl.

2. Add the essential oils of your choice.

3. Fill the rest of the bottle with water.

4. Shake the bottle to mix the oils well.

5. Before sitting down, do 3-4 sprays above water.


Homemade air freshener is as effective as Febreze

There you go, with this homemade air freshener, no more unpleasant poo smells 🙂

Easy and quick to make, right?

In addition, this spray is totally natural and contains no chemicals!

3-4 sprays over toilet bowl water are more than enough to prevent foul odors.

You will save a lot of money compared to buying a commercial product. like Febreze.

Why does it work?

This toilet deodorizer is super effective because it creates a barrier which prevents foul odors from spreading outside the bowl.

Unlike conventional air fresheners, which work after odors have already spread, this spray prevents odors from leaving the toilet bowl.

As for the alcohol contained in the mixture, it prevents the essential oils from separating from the water. This avoids having to shake the bottle before each use.

Know that you can also change the scent of your air freshener according to the seasons. For example, choose a citrus scent in the summer, woodsy in the fall, and cinnamon in the winter. The possibilities are limitless !

Your turn…

And you ? Have you tried this recipe for anti-poo smell spray? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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