The Splendid Recipe To Whiten Your Enamel Successfully and Naturally.


Did the teeth whitening products you tried fail?

Here is the best recipe to whiten your teeth effectively and naturally.

This baking soda and lemon paste can be prepared in seconds.

And it has nothing to envy to the products sold in the trade to whiten the teeth.


– a few drops of lemon juice

a pinch of salt

– half a glass of lukewarm water

a pinch of baking soda

How to do

1. Mix all these elements which will foam a little, in a glass.

2. Rinse your mouth out with a glass of water.

3. Brush your teeth with this paste.

4. Rinse your mouth again.


There you go, your teeth are now naturally whiter 🙂

Simple, practical and effective!

It is also much more natural than any other commercial product.

And it is also much more economical!


This mixture is very effective. Progress is not visible immediately, you have to multiple apps.

Note, however, that this solution is abrasiveso it should not be abused. 1 brushing per week is quite enough.

Your turn…

Have you tried this easy teeth whitening trick? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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