The significance of the maternal grandmother for the kid


The importance of the maternal grandmother for the child

22.03.2023 09:40

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There is a special bond between the maternal grandmother and her grandchildren. This is perhaps not surprising; this figure is very important in the life of a child for various reasons And not just emotionally.

Many people don’t have a connection to their grandparents, don’t live with them, or barely know them. Despite this, they are united for life.

The role of the maternal grandmother is special. It is indeed his “duty” to have a direct responsibility towards the grandchildren, and more so than the paternal grandmother. Moreover, its influence spans generations, due to the values and learning ensuing.

The influence would also be observable from a genetic point of view. The grandmother is doubly a mother, especially if her child is a woman. A woman is thus born with her eggs developed, which means that she would also carry her eventual grandchildren.

Can science explain the bond we have with our maternal grandmother? Or is it only a phenomenon related to feelings and morals?

According to the theory of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Chilean essayist, no matter what affinities or childhood memories you have of your maternal grandmother, you are linked to her by genes. We must therefore carefully consider the effect of such influence on children.

The genetic inheritance transmitted from the mother to the child would be directly linked to the grandmother. Of all the grandparents, she is the most involved in genetic inheritance.

In terms of genetic transmission, gene expression does not occur immediately but may skip some generations. This is why some children may look more like a great-uncle or a great-grandfather than their own parents.

Perhaps the resemblance is not perceived on a physical level, but it is undeniably present when it comes to genetics. Sometimes this trace is completely visible and can manifest itself as a mole, the color of the eyes or the way you walk.

There are also internal markers, such as characteristics of bones, muscles and also certain diseases.

As one might assume, some manifestations in our children have nothing to do with upbringing. It is not that our child devoted himself to the same tasks learned with his maternal grandmother, it is certainly something genetic. And science has an explanation: it’s because the grandchildren were already in their grandmother’s womb.

During its formation in the womb, the fetus receives a lot of biological material from the mother. Although the genetics of both parents equally influence the formation of the embryo, for it to develop, it must continue to be nourished by the mother. Which means when the father’s participation is over, that of the mother continues to act.

The grandmother, maternal in every sense of the word

Since the grandmother somehow participates in the formation of her grandchild through DNA, his traits can then be transferred to the child.

However, Jodorowsky explains that it is not just physical characteristics that are inherited. Apparently the maternal grandmother’s emotional experiences can also be inherited.

The egg from which your child is born contains your mother’s genetic heritage. All of your children will therefore inevitably have the same genetic material. This is why one can observe a bond transcending generations in families.

According to Jodorowsky, the emotions that the grandmother may have experienced when she was pregnant with her daughter would be transferred to her and perhaps even to her future grandchildren. Which means the emotional influence can remain active in the DNAeven when a generation has already passed.

As we know, the information of mitochondrial DNA, that is, that which comes from the mother, is greater at the time of embryo formation.

The father’s sperm lacks this type of information, so the genetic material of paternal grandparents does not cross generations. Despite this, some genetic studies believe that the DNA traits of the father are much more dominant over heredity.

Likewise, from a rather sentimental point of view, in most cases the maternal grandmother is much more involved during pregnancy, birth and education of his grandchildren. For most, the importance of the maternal grandmother is indisputable.

We may not know what we inherited from our grandmothers, but their presence is very precious in all aspects of our lives. main image

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