The Record of the ten Hardest Meals to Digest.


Your digestion is sometimes difficult and you feel super heavy after eating?

Nothing suprising ; some foods take longer than others to be digested in the stomach.

And I know what I’m talking about. I had problems with this for months.

No matter how hard I looked, I didn’t understand where my heaviness came from after meals.

Fortunately, my doctor helped me figure out what was going on.

He explained to me that the cause came from a food that I ate often and which was too heavy for my digestion.

He also told me that there are plenty of other foods that can create this feeling…

Discover therefore the list of the 10 most difficult foods to digest. Look :

1. Dairy products

Dairy products that are difficult to digest

We often hear that some people are intolerant to dairy products, and in the first place milk.

In reality, the real problem is not necessarily the dairy product itself.

This is mainly due to the lack of lactase produced by the body.

Let me explain.

Dairy products contain a carbohydrate called lactose.

It is found in cow’s, sheep’s, goat’s milk and other dairy products.

Well, it’s lactase that dissolves and transforms lactose into other carbohydrates (glucose and galactose).

If lactase doesn’t play its role well, that’s where the digestive problems come from.

Impossible for the body to assimilate the milk so we feel bad.

2. Onion and garlic

Garlic and onion difficult to digest

If garlic and onion are known to give beaver breath, know that this is not their only effects.

Consumed in large quantities, they can become very difficult to digest.

This is because of the many fibers that these foods contain.

If you eat too many of these vegetables, the stomach no longer follows and can no longer dissolve everything.

It is even our digestive tract that comes to the rescue of the stomach to complete the digestion process.

This is also why we say that onion and garlic are fermentable foods.

3. Fried foods

Fried foods that are hard to digest

Hmm, fried food… how good is that!

We all love the incomparable taste of frying as well as the crispy texture it gives.

Yes, but here it is.

Fried foods are full of fat and calories. It is therefore very hard for the stomach to digest.

In any case, our organ needs much more time to assimilate everything.

Suddenly, we are heavy and we only want to land without doing anything.

It even makes you want to take a good nap.

4. Legumes

Difficult-to-digest legumes

So that we understand each other well on what I am going to say.

Legumes (lentils, broad beans, chickpeas…) are very good for your health.

It’s super rich in protein, fiber and it’s full of vitamins.

It is not for nothing that it is widely recommended by nutritionists.

However, be aware that some organisms do not accept this food well.

Indeed, as legumes are very rich in fiber and carbohydrates …

…The stomach needs a lot more time to be able to dissolve everything.

These are much more complex foods to digest, hence the heaviness effect.

5. Spicy dishes

A spicy soup that is difficult to digest

Remember one thing.

Putting too many spices or condiments in a dish is bad for the stomach.

A few spices to spice up the food, ok.

But put too much, you will regret it.

Especially if it comes to strong enough spices.

There you can be sure that it will hurt and you will have digestion problems.

And the same with spicy condiments like black pepper.

Ingested in too large quantities, they can irritate the digestive system.

You know, it’s this feeling of regurgitation that we sometimes feel in the esophagus.

6. Raw vegetables

Raw vegetables that can be hard to digest

I’m sure you’re surprised to see raw vegetables appear on the list of hard-to-digest foods.

Because we all know that raw vegetables are above all very good for your health.

It provides vitamins, fiber, and it’s antioxidant.

So why is this food sometimes so difficult to digest?

Well it’s the same as for other dishes.

In Eating too much, the stomach has trouble digesting them.

It’s still a story of fibers that can irritate the digestive tract.

And then, eating too much raw vegetables can also be very bloating.

7. Soy

Another food whose virtues are no longer to be presented.

And yet, we can say that its composition does not really facilitate our transit.

The fault has its carbohydrates often very badly digested by our body.

So it doesn’t necessarily concern everyone, but soy is generally hard to digest.

I’m talking about soy itself, but also its derivatives such as soy milk, yogurts and others…

8. Underbaked bread

To properly digest food, it must be chewed well.

It’s not me who says it, but all nutritionists.

And why am I telling you this?

Quite simply because when the bread is white, we tend to swallow it more easily.

Therefore, it is swallowed faster without doing a good mastication.

The stomach then has more work which creates bloating.

Whereas with a well-baked baguette, the bread chews better and above all longer.

9. Charcuterie

Generally speaking, animal proteins are difficult to digest.

But it’s even worse with charcuterie, because it’s full of fat.

So be careful to eat it in small quantities.

If you really have an irresistible craving, take rindless white ham.

That, the stomach supports it quite well.

10. Cabbages

It will always be easier to digest cooked than raw.

But cabbage remains a food that our stomach does not like that much.

It is known to cause bloating, inflate the sale or even give gas.

To make everything easier, it is recommended to blanch the cabbage in vinegar water before cooking it.

Your turn…

Do you know of any other hard-to-digest foods? Tell us in the comments which ones make your stomach hurt. We can’t wait to read you!

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