The magic trick with vinegar and bathroom paper to resolve quite a lot of your issues at residence


Soaking toilet paper with vinegar: it’s the solution to many of your home problems!

There is nothing better than enjoying a clean and fragrant environment.

The key to making your job easier is to use the right products.

Unfortunately, many products on the market fail to work and are full of chemicals such as chlorine and flavorings.

In other words, you are spending time, money and still running the risk of suffering from poisoning.

Our tip: make your own cleaning product. And it’s easier than you might think.

Best of all, there will be no more bacteria and germs in your home.

The recipe that we will share in this article dates from the time of our grandmothers!

To give you an idea, all you need is toilet paper and white vinegar.


– 1 roll of toilet paper

– 1 bottle of white vinegar


Put the toilet paper in a basin.

Pour white vinegar over it.

Then just remove the cardboard roll and use the paper to clean.

For example, run it over your wooden table and it will look like new.

Any household chore will be easier with this trick.

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