the miracle answer to seek out child toes


Our feet support our weight all day. Despite this, we often neglect their maintenance and we tend to forget to cover them daily with moisturizer to thank them. Worse still, they are put through uncomfortable shoes and walked barefoot, which can make them very dry and rough. Over time, they can end up cracking and these unpleasant crevices can even bleed sometimes. When our skin is cracked and prone to dryness, a shock treatment is needed, and that’s what we offer you today! In three simple steps and with products from the closet, make your very dry feet as soft as baby feet.

What’s needed :

-Hot water
-Olive oil
-Sweet almond oil
-Lemon juice

The special very dry feet routine (step by step):

1) Prepare a homemade foot bath to soften the skin very dry of your heels and prepare it for care. This will also allow them to be deeply hydrated. To do this, half fill a basin with hot water. Then add 100 ml of milk and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Let your feet soak in this mixture for 10 minutes.

foot bath
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2) While your feet are lounging quietly in their bath, take the opportunity to mix 50 g of sugar with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. The latter is optional, but it really helps to remove dead skin andexfoliate the skin more deeply. It is therefore an essential ingredient to boost the effectiveness of your treatment. In addition, the fact of associating it with olive oil makes the scrub less irritating on the skin and more nourishing. Once you have prepared your exfoliant, you can use it to exfoliate your skin for two minutes using circular movements. Rinse well and dry your skin gently.

3) Massage your skin with sweet almond oil for two minutes to help it soften dry skin more effectively. Finally, put on a pair of cotton socks and don’t take them off until the next day.

Repeat these three steps (foot bath, exfoliation and hydration) once a week for several weeks or months, depending on the condition of your arch. In addition, get into the habit of nourishing and moisturizing your feet every day for best results. For this, you can use vegetable oil (coconut oil, almond, macadamia, olive, etc.), aloe vera, shea butter or cocoa butter. It will work as well as petroleum jelly, if not better.

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