The commonest causes of mind injury


2. Violent acts

It could be something happening on the street or at home. For example, the Mayo Clinic says gunshot wounds fall into this category, which can obviously lead to traumatic brain injury. Domestic violence (domestic violence) can also explain a TBI.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, there is another problem at home that leads to brain damage in children – shaken baby syndrome, caused by « a violent shake of an infant that damages brain cells, » the clinic notes. . Violence accounts for about 20% of all TBIs, he adds.

3. Contact in sport

Everything about head trauma explains that there are approximately 300,000 sport-related TCCs each year in the United States in sports such as soccer, hockey, and boxing. However, this is not limited to sports that encourage contact; it can also occur in sports like cycling, baseball and basketball, the source adds.

The most severe brain damage is usually obvious, but there are many cases where the TBI is relatively mild – often called a concussion. A « closed head trauma » (without obvious penetration of the skull) can sometimes be difficult to identify with medical imaging, so doctors are relying on reported symptoms, the source adds.

4. Motor vehicle accidents

Brain injury from a car accident can come from a direct hit to the head or a sudden shake of the head – and the result can be mild to severe, notes The source cites a 2006 study which concludes that approximately 280,000 Americans receive a motor vehicle-induced TBI per year.

Whiplash – the shaking of the head and neck caused by the impact and the sudden deceleration from an accident – can displace your brain and damage nerve fibers that communicate with distant cells, he explains. . A severe whiplash without a direct hit to the head can put a patient into a coma, he adds.

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