The recipe for the scrumptious rosemary jelly (to be harvested within the backyard!)


Rosemary has a unique flavor that is very popular in the kitchen. In addition to being rather easy to maintain and cultivate, its aromatic herbs also have many extraordinary medicinal properties. This plant native to the Mediterranean basin is in fact known to calm hypertension, cough and liver problems and has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, expectorant and antifungal powers. It is therefore always nice to grow this shrub in your garden or on your balcony to have it on hand all year round! In addition to adding it to homemade bouquets and freezing a few branches in olive oil, you don’t always know what to do with excess aromatic herbs when the growth has been good in summer. This is where the delicious recipe for rosemary jelly comes in!

Why fall for the rosemary jelly recipe?

In addition to putting one of the most beautiful Mediterranean flavors in a pot, this quick and easy recipe keeps all the medicinal properties of rosemary. Moreover, you can absolutely add a spoonful of this jelly to a little hot water or herbal tea to treat your autumn-winter ailments (colds, bronchitis, etc.). Enough to make your little thyme herbal tea even more beneficial and tasty!

Refined and very soft, this jelly goes just as well with slices of toast as with goat’s or sheep’s cheese, biscuits, ice cream, tea or even a yogurt cake. Lovers of gourmet aperitifs can also pair it with crackers sprinkled with smoked ham. In short, whether for your health or to quell a small cravingyou will quickly know how to make it a very appreciated ally.

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On to the recipe!

Ingredients :

-5 sprigs of rosemary (about 30 g)
-500ml of water
-150 g of sugar (you can put less if you wish)
-1 tablespoon of honey of your choice (more or less strong in taste)
-3 g of agar-agar

Also provide airtight glass jars and a strainer for this recipe.

Step by step rosemary jelly recipe:

1) After taking care to rinse your rosemary branches, slip them into a saucepan and add the water.

2) Bring everything to a boil and turn off the heat as soon as the mixture begins to boil. Then you can cover the pan with a lid and leave to infuse for a quarter of an hour.

3) Then, filter this rosemary infusion and let it cool in a bowl.

4) The next step is to first incorporate the agar-agar into the mixture, then add the sugar and honey before mixing.

5) Then put your preparation back on the fire and let it heat up without boiling it until the sugar has completely melted.

6) Finally, pour the liquid obtained into your jars, let cool and store them in the fridge. It’s ready !

Like jams, this jelly keeps very well thanks to the sugar which serves as a preservative. This allows you to consume it in all seasons!

Crackers with gorgonzola and rosemary jelly
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Know that it is quite possible toadd your personal touch to this recipe. For example, if you are growing thyme or lavender, you can add them to the infusion at the start of the recipe. In addition, nothing prevents you from using lemon peels to bring even more freshness. Last idea: it is also possible to use fig, apple, quince, cherry, peach or orange juice. These variations bring even more originality to this recipe which already surprises with its refreshing flavor as sweet as it is pleasant.

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