The recipe for the magic masks in opposition to puffiness and darkish circles


Contrary to popular belief, dark circles and puffiness are not only linked to lack of rest. Heredity also plays an important role. Still, it can happen that we have swollen eyes after a short night’s sleep, a big blow of stress or a drunken evening. Added to this are allergies which can make the eyes red and swollen. In addition to a healthy lifestyle and sleep, you can opt for treatments that will help reduce your dark circles and puffiness. And in this regard, there is no need to ruin yourself with an overpriced eye contour! Test this recipe for a magic mask that reduces the signs of fatigue, deflates puffiness and illuminates the eyes. It is also ideal for more mature eye contour that reveals some fine lines and wrinkles thanks to its decongestant and anti-wrinkle power.

In short, you have finally found THE natural remedy to make bags under the eyes and dark circles disappear quickly and permanently. No more gray mine in the morning when you wake up!

Ingredients :

A tablespoon of white clay
Two tablespoons of blueberry water

You can use water instead of blueberry water if you don’t have it. However, the treatment will be a little less effective against dark circles and swelling!

How to prepare your mask against dark circles and puffiness?

1) In a small clean container, mix your two ingredients with a wooden spatula until you obtain a smooth and creamy paste.

2) Apply the mask thus obtained under your eyes, at the level of dark circles. Do not hesitate to make a delicate massage to activate blood circulation and help the area deflate.

3) Then leave on for 10 minutes. If necessary, re-wet the clay with a cornflower water spray while applying the treatment. This will prevent the crust from hardening.

4) It’s time to rinse with clean water! Remember to dry your skin gently by dabbing the towel, then applying a moisturizer suitable for the eye area.

Repeat this treatment once a week.

eye cream mask
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Why does it work so well?

White clay is softer than green. It is therefore suitable for sensitive skin as well as more fragile areas such as the eye contour. It has the effect of soothing the epidermis and fortifying it without irritating it. In addition, it helps to revitalize the skin andeliminate toxins and dead cells that make it dull. This is how it gives a boost to the look. Very versatile, it is also known to help the skin regenerate and prevent skin aging. Combining it with cornflower water gives the treatment a enhanced decongestant and soothing effectiveness. This floral water makes it possible to facilitate blood flow, which helps to reduce dark circles and deflate puffiness. This hydrosol is also revitalizing and astringent, and therefore perfect for mature skin.

In addition, discover how to use acupressure to reduce dark circles. With all that, you no longer need to use concealer!

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