The straightforward recipe for wool and delicate laundry detergent


During autumn-winter, we bring out our most beautiful knits to feel comfortable and be warm. However, you may have noticed that after going through the washing machine, your sweater or cardigan may start to pill or felt. Unfortunately, some ingredients in our detergents are too aggressive and can therefore damage delicate textile fibres. Even with a natural homemade detergent, ingredients such as white vinegar, soda crystals or even percarbonate can wreak havoc. What if the solution was to concoct this little natural detergent special for wool and delicate linen?

What are the benefits of special wool and delicate laundry detergent?

Exit baking soda and other frills! With this recipe, we go back to basics with the base of the base: water and Marseille soap. And that’s all. You would have understood it, it couldn’t be simpler, ecological, zero waste and economical than this formula.

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In addition, this recipe is very gentle with the laundry. It will make it possible to take care of the knit in all its forms, and this, no matter the type of wool : alpaca wool, merino, angora, cashmere, mohair, etc. However, this fast and effective formula will pamper without problem all your delicate laundry. Thus, you can entrust her with your old silk, lace or muslin or flannel as well as grandmother’s curtains and bed linen and other fragile fabrics. Finally, due to its composition, this detergent is also ideal for washing laundry and baby clothes just like that of people who have sensitive skin and who easily have allergic reactions. In short, delicate skin totally approves of this neutral and 100% natural blend.

On to the recipe!

Ingredients :

-75 g of real Marseille soap (without glycerin if possible to avoid clogging the drum of the washing machine)
-1 liter of water
-A suitable airtight bottle or recycled detergent can

How to prepare detergent for delicates and wool: the steps!

1) If necessary, grate your Marseille soap to obtain flakes or reduce your block into shavings using a peeler. Make sure you get the recommended weight.

2) Next, pour the water into a saucepan and put it to heat without bringing it to a boil.

3) Incorporate your flakes of Marseille soap and let them melt gently for about ten minutes.

4) You can possibly give a blow of mixer to eliminate the lumps and to obtain a very smooth and homogeneous mixture (a little viscous too!).

5) Finally, pour everything into your container and add a label. It’s ready !

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How to properly use this detergent?

It is very important to shake the detergent well before use, as it may tend to freeze at rest. As for the doses to be poured into the detergent compartment, do as with conventional detergent. Here you can optionally also add the equivalent of a cap of baby shampoo or cleansing base to help your homemade detergent penetrate the fibers of your woolens. Finally, select a adapted program on your washing machine. Don’t ruin all your hard work with washing too hot, too many spins or tumble drying which will ruin the delicate fibers of your clothes!

What about fabric softener? This detergent is very basic and therefore will not soften the laundry. For a softening effect, you can always use white vinegar However, make sure to dilute it well to preserve your fragile tissues.

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