The stolen canine lastly finds its proprietor after 8 lengthy months and 500 km from his home in Beaune


It took 8 months for this moving reunion to take place. Bandit, a Malinois shepherd had been stolen in Côte-d’Or. His owner was looking for him and it was finally 500 kilometers from his home, in Fabrègues in the Hérault, that he was found!

The kind of stories we need. Bandit, a magnificent Malinois shepherd from Beaune, in Côte-d’Or, has finally found his owner, Farid as explained by SPA Montpellier, who participated in this moving reunion, on Facebook:

« Bandit is a Malinois dog born on May 7, 2020 who was snatched from his master.

Poor Bandit, now one year old, was robbed on September 15, 2020, when he was only 4 months old.

Today the municipal police brought us a Malinois, thanks to its electronic chip we were able to identify it, and there a miracle … it’s Bandit!

We immediately found the owner domiciled 500 km from us.

During our call, we had a master on the phone who was very moved and filled with joy at the idea of ​​finding his dog whose separation lasted 8 months. The latter immediately took the road to pick up Bandit.

A beautiful and very moving reunion for all the staff, Bandit and his dad. « 

Now let’s hope that the Bandit thieves will be found and punished. Animal theft should be more punished, share if you agree!

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