The TOP fashionable haircuts for girls in 2022


Are you looking for the best hairstyle for your hair, something to fuel your charm? There are indeed lots of hair styles that can make a woman much more attractive. Only, some are much more popular in this year 2022. Rest assured, we have made the difference by offering you a collection of the best hairstyles for women that you can easily adopt.

1/ Side hair with braids

Here is one of the best hairstyle choices you can make for your hair. A trend that will not reach its peak in the next few years.

2/ Crown braid and loose hair

The crown style could be a great idea for your next outings. This hairstyle has something to offer you more charm.

3/ The star braid

Do you like to try new things? If so, here is a new hairstyle trend you should try!

4/ Big band braid

What’s more than a very beautiful hairstyle in dazzling color to attract attention during your next outings?

5/ Big bun and straight hair

With the big chignons on your straight hair, your next appointments will be a perfect success.

6/ Classic braid

The classic style has not disappeared. On the contrary, it is making a comeback in this year 2022. Of course, a little more brilliance would be a good idea.

7/ Braid on long hair reversed

Here is for you seducers, a hairstyle that has everything to make you happy! An idea well worth your attention.

8/ Crown braids and small low bun

This hairstyle is inspired by bohemian fashion, an option full of elegance that should interest you.

9/ Braid with curls

This is the makeover you get, when you decide to pair curls with braids! A rather special choice for fall.

10/ Wedding braid

For your wedding, this hairstyle will make you as elegant as possible. It has something to enhance your face.

11/ High braid with low bun

Want to rejuvenate your face? So, consider trying this hairstyle! You will have an impressive result.

12/ Crown braid on neat hair

For your thin hair, here is the hairstyle that we recommend the most.

13/ American style hairstyle

14/ Side braid and straight hair

15/ Half braid on straight hair

What are the trendy hairstyles for women this year?

The current year is one that has seen a great revolution in fashion. Many trends have developed, especially in the field of hairstyles. In this regard, there are a variety of hairstyles that women adopt throughout this year.

First, braids occupy a place of choice in women’s preferences in terms of hairstyle. Whether light braids, half braids or African braids, such an option has many advantages.

On the other hand, side hair is also part of the current trend and is attracting more and more women. This hairstyle also offers such charm capable of sublimating beauty.

Of course, the shag and the bun are also so many hairstyle choices which are popular in this year at a very interesting level.

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