The Trick To Cleansing Your Oven Whereas You Sleep (Sure, Sure, Actually!).


Because it allows you to completely degrease it while you sleep.

And this, even if your oven is very dirty and full of grease.

Everything you need to find an oven like new, it’s a saucepan and white vinegar. Look :

What you need

– 1 gratin dish

– 1 pot of water

– White vinegar

dishwashing liquid



How to do

1. Preheat the oven to 80°.

preheat the oven to 80°

2. While it is heating, put the pan on the fire to boil the water.

3. When the temperature reaches 80°, turn it off.

4. Put the gratin dish in the oven on the top plate.

white pie dish in an oven

5. Fill it with white vinegar.

6. Put the pot of boiling water on the bottom plate.

7. Close the oven door.

8. Leave on overnight.

9. The next day, remove the dish (without emptying it), the saucepan and the plates.

10. Leave the oven open for a few minutes to evacuate the vinegar vapors.

11. In the dish of vinegar, add a squirt of dishwashing liquid.

washing up liquid in a white dish

12. Put on the gloves, take the sponge and dip it in this mixture.

13. Pass it on the walls.

wash the oven glass

14. Rinse and dry.


A dirty oven before and clean after thanks to the natural trick

And There you go ! Now you know how to clean your oven while you sleep 🙂

Easy, fast and effective, right?

Best of all, it takes no effort!

Grime disintegrates overnight when you sleep.

And it’s completely natural: no need for Decap’Four or other very chemical products.

Can you guess the other advantage of this trick?

No need to launch a long and energy-intensive pyrolysis.

In other words, this method is natural and economical!

Why does it work?

The vapors released in the closed oven help soften dirt and grease.

White vinegar helps « eat » fat and accelerate their dissolution.

So, when you wipe the sponge, dirt comes easily: you don’t even have to scrub!

My bonus tips

For even more efficiency, I boil water with vinegar in my kettle.

Then I pour it into the pan. Thus the hot vapors are vinegared.

This makes it possible to soften the fat stuck to the walls even more quickly.

In addition, it descales my kettle at the same time … one stone, two shots.

This is also a known trick to clean the microwave oven effortlessly.

You can also replace the white vinegar with lemon juice.. The acidity of lemon plays the same role as that of vinegar.

In a case of extreme dirt, one can choose ammonia instead of vinegar. But in my opinion, it is no longer very natural.

Your turn…

Have you tried this easy trick to clean a very dirty oven? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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