The Trick To Get Rid Of Rats With Baking Soda (Pure and Fast)


It’s not easy to eliminate these rodents which invade the garden, the attic or the henhouse …

Although these critters are not aggressive, they can carry disease and do quite a bit of damage.

They nibble at anything in their path.

Not to mention that they reproduce at high speed …

Luckily, a gardener buddy gave me a radical grandma’s recipe for eliminate rats.

The effective trick is to use a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda to kill the rats. Look :

What you need

– A handful of salted peanuts

– 2 tablespoons of baking soda

– 1 tablespoon of toothpaste

– 2 tablespoons of sugar

– 1 tablespoon of flour (or cornstarch)

How to do

1. Put the peanuts in a blender and reduce them to powder.

2. Pour the crushed peanuts into a bowl.

3. Add all the other ingredients.

4. Mix well to obtain a thick paste.

5. Make small balls with the dough.

6. Place the balls on a plate.

7. Place the plate where the rat passes.


There you go, you’ve got rid of the invading rats 🙂

Simple, practical and efficient!

It only took a few minutes to make your natural homemade pest control.

Easy, isn’t it? And it is also very economic.

You don’t have a blender? Not serious !

You can also use a pestle and mortar to reduce them to crumbs.

Also remember to put on gloves when you prepare your pest control.

Not that it’s dangerous for you.

But by handling the products, you can leave your scent there.

What does not fail to alert the rats when they approach the bait!

Why choose this natural anti-rat treatment?

Thanks to this grandmother’s trick, rats will no longer bother you!

No more small droppings that can be found everywhere …

Or the gnawed electric wires that must be changed!

But the icing on the cake is that this homemade pest control is completely natural.

This means that it does not represent no danger for your other animals (dogs, chickens, cats, etc.).

But above all you do not take any risk with the health, your children, or yours.

It is also harmless to the environment.

You probably know that rat poison is a dangerous product.

It is very toxic and must be handled with great care.

Not only is it fatal for rats, it is also dangerous for other animals.

In particular your pets or birds such as raptors …

Indeed, it is enough that they are in direct contact with this product or that it eats an animal which has absorbed it so that they are also contaminated.

Why does it work?

The rat is attracted to sugar, flour or even peanuts.

He will therefore rush over to eat them.

The rodent does not detect the presence of baking soda.

But this product is fatal for him. It is deadly food for him.

Why ?

Because on contact with gastric juices present in the stomach, bicarbonate turns into gas.

What you need to know is that the rat cannot expel these gases.

It is therefore the pressure of these gases in the intestinal wall that ends up killing the rat.

Toothpaste, on the other hand, binds the different ingredients together.


We’re not going to lie to each other.

This anti-rat treatment is very effective, but cruel.

Because the death of the rat or any other rodent is long and painful.

It is therefore only to be used as a last resort

The best is to try to hunt without killing them.

And for this, there are rat repellents or effective traps to avoid causing pain to the animal while keeping it away.

How to hunt rats without killing them?

So there are natural treatments that chase rats without killing them.

Natural repellents, non-lethal trap …

Here are 6 natural repellents to ward off rats without killing them.

1. Use essential oils

Some scents can bother rats.

As soon as they smell them, they head elsewhere. That’s good news, isn’t it?

It’s the case essential oils.

You can scare away these rodents with essential oil of pepper mint, of sage, of pepper, of lemongrass, of laurel, ofeucalyptus, of clove.

All you have to do is soak some cottons in these essential oils.

Then leave them in strategic places.

The rats are not going to ask for their rest!

2. Use certain plants

Rats hate certain plants. So, you might as well take advantage of it!

This is the case in particular eucalyptus and angelica.

Arrange a few strands where the rats pass.

You can also plant them to make dams against rats.

Be careful, angelica is a very irritating plant.

Think about it before you plant or touch it.

You can also turn to mint, sage or bay leaf.

You just have to crush a few leaves and spread them all over the place.

They are disgusted by coming to you.

3. Adopt a cat … or an owl

The presence predatory animals is a great deterrent to rats.

They know well that their life is at stake … And they prefer not to take risks.

Obviously, we immediately think of the cat. Maybe now is the time to adopt one?

But you can also encourage the presence of raptors in your garden.

These birds feed on rodents, and therefore rats! This is the case with barn owls for example.

How to attract owls? Install them birdhouses.

If she can find food and shelter at your place, there is a chance that they will settle down.

4. Install ultrasonic repellent

As with chasing moles from your garden, you can use ultrasonic repellents to hunt rats.

These devices emit sounds that only rodents can hear … and that they cannot stand!

Which makes them flee instantly.

5. Make a homemade chili repellant

What if you made a homemade rat repellent from Cayenne pepper ?

This is a spice that rats hate, especially if you pair it with a hot sauce.

For make your repellent yourself, take an empty spray and put a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in it.

Add a teaspoon of hot sauce and another of dish soap.

It remains only to pour two cups of water.

Shake hard to mix everything. And spray your repellant on the areas where your rat has acquired its habits.

It is a real anti-rat barrier!

6. Set up a rat trap

Some rat traps are made to capture rats without killing them.

It suffices to attract them into the trap which closes on the undesirable.

You can trap them and release them into the wild, far from home.

How to avoid having rats?

Prevention is always the best strategy.

It is best to take the necessary precautions to avoid attracting rats.

– For this, you can plug all the openings through which a rat can pass. The rodent resistant steel wool comes in handy for caulking holes and cracks where they sneak up.

– You should also put the bins in a well-sealed container to avoid attracting them.

– And do not forget to store the food in well closed containers or in a protected place inaccessible to rodents.

Your turn…

You tested this trick to eliminate rats without hazardous products ? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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