The trick to take away a lock on a garment (forgotten by the cashier).


Well you know what, no need to move to remove this little piece of plastic.

Since this story happened to me, I know how to detach this little beep very easily.

Whether it’s magnetized or not, it’s pretty simple and only takes a few moments.

Discover how to remove a lock from a garment with these quick and easy tips. Look :

But by the way, how does a lock work?

A hand holding a lock

Before revealing the different solutions, let’s review the different locks that exist.

It helps to better understand what it is and know how to go about it.

There are round, rectangular, square, but they all have one thing in common.

They all have a bump in the middle where a magnet is.

The operation is quite simple.

A kind of round-ended nail passes through the garment with a needle.

This needle is housed in another part of the lock, thus preventing it from being removed.

It is in this 2nd part that the beep is found which makes the store gates ring.

The needle is stuck in this part thanks to a system of balls which retains it.

Other locks, more or less complex, also exist.

For example, there is the tag lock, which is quite easy to remove.

Or even the ink lock which pours, as its name suggests, ink on the garment!

And then there is the electronic anti-theft device directly connected to an alarm.

With him, there is no question of going through the gate without beeping.

At least we are sure not to spin with the lock on the garment without doing it on purpose.

Hold also on this subject, that makes sense, but I prefer all the same to insist on a point.

The tricks I show you should only be used for a forgotten lock.

It is in no way a question of removing it inside the store to larceny!

We agree ? So watch these tutorials to find out how to unhook any type of lock.

1. How to remove a lock with a magnet?

As I explained to you above, the shop beeps are equipped with a magnet.

It is thanks to this magnetic mechanism that the lock is blocked.

You see what I mean ?

Using a strong magnet like this oneit is quite simple to pick up the beep…

Let me explain.

The anti-theft needle is retained by a system of balls.

The goal is therefore to let go of these balls so that the needle unhooks.

To achieve this, simply pass your magnet over the smaller side of the lock and over the rounded part.

The balls are attracted by the magnet and no longer apply pressure.

The needle then detaches on its own and the lock is released.

Watch how the cashiers do it. It is exactly this method.

She puts the lock on the counter where their magnet is and she removes the lock in 1 second.

Well there it is the same; it’s not more complicated than that.

It is also the same method for a rectangular lock.

Watch the video below to see exactly how.

2. How to remove a rectangular lock?

For rectangular locks, look for a small hole in the side.

Introduce a hard rod like that of a metal coat hanger and push to the end.

You will then come up against an internal mechanism which will release the needle and therefore the lock.

You see, not that complicated even without a magnet.

3. How to remove a lock without using a magnet?

Where it starts to get a bit tricky is when you don’t have a magnet available.

But don’t worry, you can still manage to remove the lock without too much difficulty.

There is a rather unusual trick using 2 forks.

As you can see in the video above, the trick is quite simple.

Take the 1st fork and place its tines between the small part of the beep and the garment.

Take the 2nd fork and do the same.

All you have to do is move your forks in all directions to release the lock.

4. How do I remove a round lock without a magnet?

For round locks, there is also a simple method to remove it, even without a magnet.

The idea is to twist the needle in all directions until the balls that hold it give way.

To do this, hold the smallest part of the lock in the garment and turn the other one way and then the other.

Pull as you turn so that the mechanism eventually gives way.

Thanks to the pressure and the rotation exerted, the needle is released.

5. How do I remove a « tag » lock?

An easy-to-remove anti-theft label on jeans

A tag lock is a very simple security device.

The store puts a lock in the form of a tag inside a pocket or lining.

It is often adhesive or sewn to the fabric, but can also be completely free.

If the store forgot to remove it, you can do that with no problem.

Simply feel around your garment until you find the tag in question.

It is easy to spot, because you feel something a little thicker when you run your finger.

It is often in the same place as the washing labels, for example.

Once spotted, you just have to take it off or cut it from the garment with a scissor.

6. How to remove a lock by burning it?

For this method, equip yourself with a good lighter or a fire starter gas.

Start by burning one end of the beep.

As it is made of plastic, it melts quickly when heated.

Once the plastic is sufficiently dented, take a knife and cut off the end of the beep.

You then see the mechanism appear and especially a small spring that you have to tickle with the knife.

By pressing on the spring, the mechanism releases on its own.

7. Remove an ink cartridge lock?

Come on, let’s increase the difficulty this time with ink cartridge locks.

The peculiarity of these pieces is that ink will run on the garment if the beep is removed incorrectly.

So to avoid disaster, you have to come up with an ingenious idea.

And the great thing to do above all else, is to put your garment overnight in the freezer!

This allows the ink to be completely frozen and does not flow onto the garment during handling.

And yes you had to think about it…

Then, to remove the ink lock, you can implement the following 4 methods:

Tip 1: with a rubber band

The elastic helps to unlock the lock, because it reduces the pressure of the attachment between the 2 parts of the beep.

The method is simple.

Lay the lock flat, part where the ink cartridge is at the bottom.

This part is easily recognized, because it forms an outgrowth on the plastic of the beep.

Then move your clothing as far away as possible from the lock and slip a rubber band around the badge.

The elastic should be strong, but not too big; otherwise it cannot fit between the garment and the part.

Hold the largest part of the tag (the part where the ink is) firmly with one hand.

Pull strongly with the other hand the smallest part of the lock.

Having a rubber band helps you break the lock and separate it.

If it didn’t work the first time, you can put more rubber bands.

Tip 2: with a screwdriver

Another possible method for removing an ink lock is to use a screwdriver.

For this to work, this tool needs to be flat-headed and very thin.

Lay the garment flat and position the ink cartridge side up.

Place the head of the screwdriver between the part where the ink is and the badge.

Press very hard so that the head of the screwdriver can be introduced and lift the plastic.

A kind of silver paper then appears: remove it with the screwdriver.

Below this silver paper, there is a small plate that holds the plastic pin.

Also unhook it with the screwdriver.

You will then see a metal end appear which holds the lock.

All you have to do is remove it to release the whole device.

Tip 3: with a hammer and a nail

Sometimes certain locks give you more trouble than expected.

Soft methods are then no longer really suitable!

It is therefore necessary to pass to the techniques a little less subtle by equipping yourself with a good old hammer and a nail.

The nail must be larger than the lock and have such a big head than a coin.

Start by pulling on the lock a dozen times so that it lets go a little.

Be careful not to tear your garment when pulling.

Place the suit on the ground so that the longest part of the beep is on its side.

Locate where the ink cartridge is (the protruding part) and place the nail at its base.

Start tapping with the hammer without making a big hit.

Indeed, it is not necessary that the lock bursts, but that this part separates from the rest.

So be patient and delicate, even if you have the hammer in your hands!

After about twenty well-placed knocks, the beep is released without any problem.

Tip 4: with two needle-nose pliers

This technique is quite simple to implement.

Place the beep so that the ink cartridge is facing up.

Hold the 2 smaller ends of the beep with the pliers and start gently twisting the plastic.

I said gently, otherwise the cartridge may burst!

By dint of twisting the part, the metal pin twists and ends up releasing the lock.


There you go, you finally know how to remove a lock at home when it has been forgotten by the store 🙂

Easy, practical and effective, isn’t it?

In addition, it works on all types of clothing.

Jeans, t-shirts, bras, jackets, sweaters, socks, shirts and even shoes…

But wait, that’s not all.

I also did the test on a purse, a stuffed animal and a computer. all these tutorials work!

No more hassle of having to bring the garment or object back to the store to remove the black circle beep.

You don’t need a machine to remove it either.

And if you’re wondering whether all brands have roughly the same locks…

…The answer is yes.

Kiabi, Ikea, Monoprix, Intersport, H&M… The beeps are the same.

Your turn…

Have you tried these tips for removing a forgotten lock? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to read you!

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