The trick to switching your home windows to winter mode (and saving cash!)


During the fall-winter, the heating bill can be difficult to meet, especially for the smallest budgets which bear the full brunt of soaring energy prices… It is therefore essential to prepare your home well to face the cold and take all measures to save heating. One of the lesser-known tricks that works wonders is to switch your windows to winter mode. This simple little adjustment that you can make yourself with a simple screwdriver will reduce the drafts that pass through your windows, and therefore the cold that enters your little cocoon. Here’s how!

How to put your windows in winter mode?

1) First, open the window you want to adjust.

2) Next, focus on the keeper (the edge of the window) and locate the small metal pin. It is usually not far from the handle. Depending on the installation, it is sometimes necessary first to unscrew a screw before being able to adjust the pressure exerted on the window, in which case, it will be necessary to think of tightening it again after the adjustment. It also happens that you have to pull the mechanism towards you before you can adjust it. If you can’t turn it, try shooting it to unlock it.

3) Using a suitable tool, turn this pin clockwise. Sometimes a half-turn is enough. However, test with a full turn if necessary.

4) Finally, close your window to make sure the lock works properly without forcing the handle or the frame. If necessary, loosen the adjustment screw until the correct balance is found.

5) Repeat the same steps for the other windows. It will always be the same processwhether PVC window or aluminum window!

Is it necessary to have tools to carry out the adjustment?

Sometimes you can turn the dial with your fingers. However, depending on the type of window installed, pliers, a Torx hex key or a flat or Phillips screwdriver may be useful. You will find out by observing your installation and adapting to this constraint.

Why does it work so well?

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This trick increases the support on the window and thus prevents heat loss. The seal is thus better compressed against the frame. That ultimately improves the sealing and insulation of your windows, which reduces the need for heating during cold periods, and therefore saves money. In addition, do not hesitate to install double curtains and insulate your windows with bubble wrap or newspaper in addition to closing the shutters tightly at night to preserve the heat inside.

On the other hand, the air can be less well renewed in your interior. Remember to ventilate your rooms well daily to reduce the risk of allergy and improve the ambient air, which is often subject to dust mites, pollution and other unpleasant allergens. Finally, make sure to do not forget to loosen the screw again and switch it to summer mode. Indeed, this constant pressure on the seals can wear them out more quickly. So, to avoid damaging them, don’t neglect this adjustment once the winter is over!

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