The trick to withdrawing cash from the ATM with out utilizing a bank card


The trick to withdrawing money from the ATM without using a credit card

09.03.2023 09:32

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Are you short of money but don’t have your bank card handy? Do not panic, there is a very clever trick to make a withdrawal via an ATM without having to use your credit card. Here is the procedure to follow to be able to withdraw liquid quickly.


You thought it was impossible to get cash out of an ATM without a credit card? Well, learn, there is a very convenient system to withdraw the amount you want. In fact, to make life easier for consumers, most banks today offer cash withdrawal using just the mobile phone. A nice bargain when you forget your bank card at home or when it is lost or even stolen. It is still necessary, of course, to download the application of the bank in question and follow the steps indicated to make the withdrawal (they may vary according to the banking organizations).

Many financial institutions offer their customers the possibility of withdrawing money using a downloadable application on a mobile phone or an online interface. This alternative may be more convenient and less time-consuming than going to a traditional bank counter. To make a withdrawal, simply request the desired amount online. After checking the availability of funds, the customer receives a unique 9-digit code by SMS. All that remains is to enter this code on the ATM to make the withdrawal.

It is important to note that, in addition to the specific code for each operation, some banks may require the entry of a 4-digit secret code chosen when activating the service.

How much can you withdraw from an ATM?

Almost all banks impose a limit on the amount of cash at the counter that you can withdraw each day. This ceiling, which is normally fixed in your banking contract, is based on an average of 1000 euros per week. This is primarily a security measure to prevent thieves from draining your accounts. But it also helps banks stabilize liquidity. Indeed, this withdrawal limit helps to better manage cash flow. Note that banks keep a limited amount of cash in the cash register at all times, just like ATMs. By setting this limit, the banking institution can control the amount it must distribute at any given time. But security comes first: by limiting daily withdrawals, banks help protect their customers against unauthorized access. So even if your card ends up in the wrong hands, the damage caused will not be aggravated.

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Good to know : Do you want to withdraw a large sum in cash from your bank account? As we have just explained, the limit on cash withdrawal concerns both the ATM and the cash register itself. Also, to have a larger sum of money, it is necessary to inform the entity within a reasonable time in advance. Thus, when you anticipate this request, the bank will not be taken aback and your amount will be available to you when you need it.

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