The unbeatable recipe for CBD pimple oil


On acne-prone skin, small white pimples and red pimples as well as blackheads can be particularly resistant to the various treatments used. And when you turn to a 100% natural routine, it can be even more difficult to find the right formula to zap blackheads and imperfections without drying out or attacking your capricious skin. However, this is exactly what we are offering you today with this easy-to-concoct homemade anti-pimple oil recipe. It combines the purifying benefits of targeted essential oils and CBD oil, a still little known active ingredient that is gradually making its way into the cosmetics sphere for its many benefits.

Why use CBD in this type of treatment?

CBD is most often associated with its effects against stress, sleep disorders or pain. However, it also presents benefits when used topically. Moreover, it is a treatment increasingly used against eczema and psoriasis. His anti-inflammatory effects are here its main asset. Indeed, this active ingredient here will help fight against inflammation of the sebaceous glands, which will help regulate sebum production. However, an excess of sebum can have a direct effect on the appearance of acne. Added to this is the fact that these anti-inflammatory properties can reduce redness (especially during an attack of rosacea) and deflate swollen and painful pimples. In short, CBD Oil is an ingredient of choice against acne inflammation and its manifestations on the skin.

Also know that it helps to regenerate damaged skin barriers, thus acting on the traces left by large breakouts (namely acne scars) and irritation. And above all, it is a product antibacterial, soothing and antioxidantbut also moisturizing which is suitable for all skin types (dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, etc.).

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Credits: Pixabay/Erin_Hinterland

Ingredients to make your anti-pimples oil with CBD:

To obtain 10 ml of oil.

-5 ml of non-comedogenic vegetable oil (for acne-prone skin, you can choose black cumin oil, jojoba oil or hazelnut oil, for example)
-5ml Isolate 5% CBD Oil
-3 drops of tea tree essential oil (or tea tree, very antibacterial and anti-inflammatory)
-2 drops of spike lavender essential oil (healing, calming and anti-infectious)
-1 drop of lemon essential oil (antiseptic, bactericidal and sanitizing)

Also provide a tinted glass bottle to protect the mixture from light.

The stages of realization:

1) First, test your ingredients in the crook of your elbow to make sure you are not allergic to it.

2) Next, mix your vegetable oil as well as the CBD oil in your container.

3) Finally, add your essential oils following the recommended dosages. Indeed, overdosing these ingredients will not make the treatment more effective and exposes your skin to the risk of irritation. Also remember to stir between each addition.

And There you go ! Your anti-pimple oil is already ready. We advise you to shake the bottle before each use. Preferably, use this care in the evening, lemon oil can be photosensitizing. This serum against blemishes is applied to clean skin with a gentle massage to help the treatment penetrate. And above all, do not hesitate to insist on the problem areas for a targeted effect.

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