The lady is shocked when she sees a automotive with a canine on the wheel drive into her artwork gallery


The woman is shocked when she sees a car with a dog at the wheel drive into her art gallery

11.05.2023 10:08

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Some dogs look absolutely angelic and unable to do anything wrong. Except that we know them and we know that in a second everything can change! The beautiful 5-year-old Callie looks very friendly but you had to see her take control (unintentionally) of her owner’s vehicle.

On May 13, 2021, The Pearl Of Door County gallery shared photos of a bizarre accident on Facebook, writing: « It’s not every day that a dog drives a Jeep through traffic and straight into your business. […] Fortunately, no one got hurt ».

The car hit the facade of the gallery in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA as reported by CBS. There was only material damage. The cause of the accident was Callie, an adorable Australian Shepherd, who was waiting in the car for her owner to come back from the pastry shop next door.

After the accident, Callie sat back in the passenger seat as if nothing had happened to the amazement of all the witnesses. Megan Lundahl, the gallery owner, laughed, saying: « I have a dog at the store who is often with me. If he wanted to invite a friend, he could have asked him to use the front door ».

It is not known how the dog managed to make the car work but we invite you to always exercise caution and avoid leaving your animals in vehicles.

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