Theragun Black Friday 2021 sale gives the perfect costs of the 12 months: Theragun Mini, Theragun Elite


For those who need to unwind after tough workouts, too much screen time, or stress while on vacation, good news: it’s officially the Theragun Black Friday sale for 2021.

Yes, from today until November 30, Therabody (Manufacturers of Theragun) is offering up to $ 200 off their best-selling Percussion Massage Guns, starting at the progressive level Theragun Pro to SELF Certified Theragun Elite in travel format Theragun Mini. Plus, you can save up to $ 300 on its Recovery air compression boots, $ 50 off its WaveSeries roller skates, and 25% reduction on its TheraOne topical and ingestible.

Our eyes are on the Theraguns, who are cult favorites among fitness pros and celebrities alike Ashley graham and Kevin hart. The original Theragun was invented by chiropractor Jason Wersland, DC, after a motorcycle accident left him with a herniated disc and back pain. He created this massage gun to manipulate soft tissue with a percussive or pounding motion (versus a simple vibration). The Theragun looks a bit like an electric drill and quickly hits your body at 40 beats per second using what is called « percussion therapy » to relieve muscle pain. According to experts, Theraguns can be used similarly to a foam roller or massage ball to work muscle folds, but the force it produces can actually help you reach even deeper muscle groups.

When our fitness editor tested the Theragun Elite extensively, she gave it a great review, saying, “It helps reduce stiffness and improves mobility, so I can keep working out. the frequency and intensity I do. This is a great product, and I think the pain reduction benefits will continue to improve as I become more comfortable with how I feel. She also added that the percussion therapy device was also useful for non-training activities like kneading knots while sitting hunched over a laptop.

The various models of massage guns come at a premium and rarely go on sale, which is why it is so exciting to see the Black Friday deals on the Theragun. These are easily the best discounts you’ll see during the year, so we recommend that you grab them while you have the chance. Theraguns are a great gift for fitness enthusiasts (ahem, the holiday season!), And massage is a wonderful form of self-care as well.

From Theragun Mini smart vibrating rollers to Waves, below we’ve rounded up some of the best Therabody products on sale Black Friday. Just be sure to check back before November 30th.

Theragun Elite

This portable percussion therapy device uses amplitude (depth), frequency (speed) and torque (force) to penetrate deep into your muscles to increase blood flow and reduce pain and stiffness. It helped me move better after tough workouts and also released the tension in my shoulders after leaning on a laptop all day.

Theragun Mini

Here is a pocket-sized portable device that is very portable to relax on the go.

Theragun Pro

This powerful tool uses percussion technology and ergonomic design to help release knots and deep muscle cramps.

Theragun Prime

This ergonomic percussion device has a battery life of 120 minutes and five integrated speeds.

Theragun Wave Roller Smart Foam Roller

Theragun’s first foam roller is Bluetooth enabled, so you can coordinate intensity speeds with your phone.


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